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The following was taken from the records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On No. 4 police arrived at a residence in the 300 block of West Roosevelt Avenue in response to a domestic dispute. Both subjects appeared to have been drinking and fighting, resulting in several minor injuries. As a result, both subjects were issued citations for disorderly conduct.

On No. 8, police were dispatched to Byrd Avenue and 4th Street in regard to a report about shots fired. While there, police found Ana Lisa Zarate in the area, and a records check revealed she had a confirmed Coolidge warrant. Zarate was arrested and transported to Pinal County Detention Facility.

On Nov. 12, Nathaniel Lara was stopped by police for speeding on Arizona Boulevard. Lara did not have a valid drivers license and police records showed Lara an outstanding warrant out from Florence. A search of his vehicle also found drug paraphernalia. Lara was cited for the speeding and drug paraphernalia, and was transported to Pinal County Adult Detention Facility for the warrant.

On Nov. 13, Therin Castillo was arrested at the Taco Bell on Arizona Boulevard after complaints he was doing drugs on the table there. Police found several baggies with meth residue on Castillo’s person and a small package containing marijuana. After being transported to the Coolidge Police Department, Castillo was cited for drug paraphernalia and issued a written warning for trespassing.

On Nov. 13, Brian Nelson was pulled over by police after police noticed his vehicle weaving within the lane and speeding. A breathalyzer test revealed Nelson had a .085 BAC and was placed under arrest for DUI. Nelson was issued a citation and later released to friends who drove him home.

On Nov. 17, Steven Castillo was stopped by police while driving his pickup truck near the intersection of Arizona Boulevard and Highway 287. Castillo was cited for driving with a suspended license and not having mandatory insurance for his vehicle.

On Nov. 19, police responded to a report that a man was selling drugs near the 400 block of West Byrd Avenue. Police found Luis Alvarez-Silvas and Ana Zarate sitting inside a green Land Rover. Alvarez-Silvas was known to have an active warrant for probation violation. After a search, police found 1.5 grams of meth on his person. Alvarez-Silvas was transported to Pinal County Detention Facility.

On Nov. 20, police accompanied Bryson Adams as part of a civil standby while he retrieved his keys from a residence. While there, police found drug paraphernalia on Adams’ person, used for smoking meth. Adams was issued a citation.

On Nov. 20, police conducted a traffic stop on a swerving Chevrolet Silverado driven by Ralph Knight, whose license had been suspended. Knight was confirmed for three outstanding Coolidge warrants and placed under arrest. Knight was then book into Pinal County Adult Detention center.

Incidents & Reports

On Nov. 14, police were dispatched to a motorcycle accident that occurred near the 10 block of West Martin Road. The motorcycle had hit a dog running across the roadway, killing the dog and crashing the motorcycle onto its side. The rider was found bleeding and attended to by medical units. The dog’s owner insisted the dog was behind a fence a when the owner left the residence. A summons has been requested regarding the dog being loose on the road.

On Nov. 16, a white pickup truck was reported to have knocked down a street sign on East Highway 287 after running off a roadway. Thereafter the street sign was struck by several vehicles but with only minor damage identified. The case was suspended.

On Nov. 18, two vehicles parked at a residence along West Roosevelt Avenue caught on fire. Police responded to a call about two explosions, and arrived on scene where the victim as attempting to put out the fires themselves with an extinguisher. Police determine that the fire was not accidental and gasoline had been used to start or accelerate the fire. Police collected evidence but no suspect was identified and the case was suspended.

On Nov. 18, Elizabeth Wagner stole a number of items from the Coolidge Safeway on North Arizona Boulevard, whose total was valued at $113. Wagner was identified by security footage and a license plate photograph from when she fled the scene. Police later recovered the items at Wagner’s last known residence, but Wagner herself was not there. A summons has been issued.

On Nov. 20, a woman was seen stealing items, including ground beef, from the Dollar General on Arizona Boulevard, and stashing the in her purse. The woman went to the register and underpaid for a container of detergent, before returning with the exact amount, but did not pay for the items in her purse. The suspect is currently unknown and the case has been suspended.


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