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The following was taken from records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On Nov. 6 police conducted a traffic stop on Eulicies Rodriguez, 22, for an allegation of speeding. Rodriguez was arrested for having a failure to appear warrant.

On Nov. 8 police stopped bicyclist Gilbert Guerrero on West Wilson Avenue for riding the bike with no head light or reflector, who then tried to flee from an officer. Guerrero was arrested for having two outstanding warrants.

On Nov. 4 at the Walmart store, police arrested Frank Chubick on an allegation of shoplifting along with outstanding warrants.

On Oct. 30 police responded to the 500 block of West Palo Verde Avenue, where Phillip Bonfiglio is alleged to have taken the keys to a vehicle without her permission,and his mother later noticed the vehicle was gone. Bonfiglio, 28, was arrested for unlawful means of transportation.

On Nov. 7 police conducted a traffic stop on a car being driven by Ricky Jackson for allegedly driving 50 mph in a 30 mph speed zone before being arrested for extreme driving under the influence, driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content being above .0.08 and DUI to the slightest degree.

Incidents & Reports

On Nov. 1 Police responded to a hit and run in the 400 block of South Arizona Boulevard. Because of the proper angle police could not see the actual impact of the collision. The collision resulted in some minor damage of the body plates and fresh removal of paint. The case remains open while police try to get in contact with the people or the vehicle that was being driven.

On Oct. 22 police responded to the O’Reilly Auto Parts Store, 1475 N. Arizona Boulevard, where a catalytic converter was removed from a vehicle belonging to the store. Estimated loss is $1,500.

On Oct. 19 police responded to a handgun that was either misplaced or stolen though there is no evidence that a theft was committed.


Michael Maresh is a reporter for PinalCentral covering Coolidge news, education and sports.

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