The following was taken from records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

On Sept. 7, Jessica Labe was questioned by police for disorderly conduct and getting into a verbal argument at a party during which she destroyed a home fountain valued at $25. Labe had been throwing party favors around the room and was threatening the party host.

On Sept. 7, police were dispatched on a report of an “incorrigible individual” when an individual’s son broke into their room, punching hole sin the wall, to take back their gaming device.

On Oct. 4, police responded to an individual who reported being assaulted by Alex Fansler, who was later found at a friend’s residence. Fansler was cited and released for assault.

On Oct. 7, Joseph Pena was stopped by police for reckless driving and found with open containers of alcohol and marijuana. Pena was arrested for aggravated DUI and during the incident, Pena’s driving privileges were suspended.

On Oct. 7, police were informed that an individual was trying to run someone over in their jeep at 500 W. Sunset Ave. The police stopped two suspects, driver Candice Siler and passenger Larry Honea Jr. Honea Jr., who had two active warrants, was placed under arrest for possession of methamphetamines and marijuana.

On Oct. 8, police responded to a report that Frank Trejo was using counterfeit $100 bills at the McDonalds at 900 North Arizona Boulevard. Trejo claimed that he had no knowledge of the forgery and had received the bills as payment for yard work. The police did a search and found four active warrants.

On Oct. 8, William Jarrell was arrest at the McDonalds at 900 North Arizona Boulevard for four outstanding arrest warrants as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. Jarrell was transported and book into Pinal County Adult Detention Facility.

On Oct. 8, Cintya Juarez was arrested on Coolidge city warrants and possession of drug paraphernalia. Following an initial court appearance, Juarez was remanded to the Pinal County jail.

On Oct. 9, police stopped Jermaine Johnson for speeding near the intersection of West Vah Ki Inn Road and North Christensen Road. Johnson admitted to smoking marijuana and police found more in the vehicle. Johnson was issued a citation and released after being charged with marijuana possession, speeding, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

On Oct. 9, Emily Bojorquez was arrested by police following a traffic stop for speeding near the corner of Randolph Road and Eleven Mile Corner Rd. She was found in possession of methamphetamines and marijuana.

On Oct. 9, Frank Chubick was arrested in the 400 block of Roosevelt Avenue for three outstanding Coolidge City arrest warrants. Check site for what those warrants were for

On Oct. 11, police conducted a traffic stop at the 500 block of West Vah Ki Inn Road for a car that had expired registration. The driver, Peter Holden, was detained on a warrant for drug paraphernalia but was released upon promise to appear at Coolidge City Court the following day.

On Oct. 11, police arrested Ruben Tristan outside his mother’s house after they’d been called to the scene about a disturbance. Tristan complained his mother had kicked him out of the house and told him not to return. Tristan was transported to county jail after police confirmed four outstanding warrants out of the City of Coolidge for his arrest.

On Oct. 11, police arrested Lisa Gomez at 1541 North Arizona Blvd. for possessing 18.4 grams of methamphetamines, 32 M30 fentanyl pills, and a .22 caliber Taurus pistol.

On Oct. 12, Charles Rodriguez was arrested at the 400 block of W. Hess Ave. for several active warrants including parole violation and failure to appear in court.

On Oct. 12, Edward Gomez was stopped in a car he was driving by police and arrested for parole violation. Although Gomez claimed it didn’t belong to him, police reportedly found an unlicensed firearm, as well as evidence of heroine usage. Before being stopped, a male passenger had exited the car and fled the scene.

On Oct. 14, Gabriel Rojas arrested by police during a traffic stop near Third Street and West Hess Avenue for multiple outstanding Pinal County warrants. He’d been driving without a license and a passenger in the car was cited for marijuana possession.

On Oct. 15, police found Allen Mosely sitting in San Carlos Park with a glass pipe that contained traces of methamphetamine. Mosely was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Oct. 15, Nicholas Dulworth was arrested at 1475 N. Arizona Boulevard for methamphetamine possession. Dulworth was transported and later released from Florence Anthem Hospital after faking an injury, complaining of pain in his spine and numbness in his limbs. According to police, Dulworth has a history of faking injury to avoid arrest, but this time officers followed Dulworth to the hospital and arrested him once he was given a clean medical bill.

On Oct. 16, police responded to a call about an individual who’d been repeatedly trespassing at a McDonald’s on Arizona Boulevard. Dominic Arias Aceves was found at the scene, claiming he intended to buy a soda, with a yellow straw in his hand and his ear. Aceves was detained and later admitted he had been using the straws to snort methamphetamine and smoke fentanyl in the restroom. Before the police arrived, Aceves had managed to flush some of the methamphetamine down the toilet. Aceves was released on charges of trespassing in the 2nd degree and drug paraphernalia possession.

On Oct. 20, police responded to a call by an individual reporting they’d been assaulted by Seraphim Robertson. Robertson fled the scene and a summons will be issued.

On Oct. 20, Bryan Shaw was arrested for an outstanding warrant and a new charge of assault.