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The following was taken from records at the Coolidge Police Department.

Arrests & Citations

Police on Sept. 3 arrested Oscar Omar Armenta Torres on suspicion of an Aug. 13 burglary in the 300 block of South Main Street where items worth $2,750 were taken. The female suspect has not been identified.

Police on Oct. 6 in the 200 block of West Byrd Avenue arrested Roberto Hernandez on a Coolidge city warrant after being called to residence for an unwanted subject.

Police on Oct. 10 conducted a traffic stop at Patton Avenue and Eighth Street for allegedly driving above the posted speed limit. The driver, Sergio Casto, was arrested for driving under the influence after he consented to a breath test.

Police on Oct. 8 observed a vehicle parked in the parking lot of the Coolidge Department of Economic Security where the officer noticed several signs of impairment of the driver, William Nelle, who was arrested on the suspicion of aggravated driving under the influence.

Police on Oct. 8 pulled over a vehicle driven by Victor Reece, 41, in the 500 block of West Central Avenue, and after allegedly being given consent to search the vehicle allegedly found a baggie with pills the officer believed to be fentanyl pills. Reece was arrested for possession of narcotic drugs, narcotic drugs for sale, narcotic drugs for transportation and drug paraphernalia. Reece was released on a long form complaint that will be filed with the Pinal County Attorney’s office.

Police on Oct. 10 arrested Gracela Garcia on a misdemeanor warrant after she surrendered at the police department.

Police on Sept. 29 in the 100 block of Arizona Boulevard arrested Antonio Donato for allegedly not providing a truthful name and for driving under the influence.

Police on Oct. 5 responded to the Circle K in the 400 block of South Arizona Boulevard in which Clinton Slaughter, Clinton Slaughter Jr. and Kristina Slaughter were accused of taking pizza and Doritos without paying for them. Each person is known to be homeless, making it difficult to serve them the citations.

Police on Oct. 13 responded to the 100 block of East Douglas Avenue to a disturbance in progress Rhakeem Mathis, 29, was arrested on a warrant.

Police on Oct. 12 received a call stating a man with a felony warrant, Roberto Martinez,was hiding out from police at his residence in the 300 block of West Lindbergh Avenue. Martinez said he did not take care of the warrant because he would have to serve more than two years in prison.

Police on Oct. 1 in the 300 block of West Walton Avenue shot and killed a dog and possibly wounded another after they became aggressive toward police officers. One of the dogs was reported to be a homeless person. Code enforcement reported the owner of the residence where the dogs were located is David Nelson. A request for summons was issued for aggressive dogs.

Police on Oct, 13 responded to the Circle K in the 400 block of South Arizona Boulevard where Terrance Ross, 33, was cited for shoplifting.

Incidents & Reports

Police on Oct. 4 were informed at the police department that a vehicle was broken into where a loungefly bag containing a Victoria Secrets wallet, license, credentials card, debit and credit cards, keys to the high school, boxing gloves and a water bottle were taken. Estimated loss is $228.

Police on Oct. 4 responded to the 600 block of West Kachina Avenue where a woman reported a xylophone and two purses were taken from a vehicle. The purses were recovered. Estimated loss of the xylophone is $400.

Police on Oct. 3 responded to the Walmart for a shoplifting allegation where items worth $561 were taken without paying for them by taking the items out to a waiting truck before driving away.

Police on Oct. 2 responded to the 700 block of North Main Street where a person reportedly broke into a man’s apartment and stole $1,200 in cash. Heavy damage was observed on the back door frame where entry was made.

Police on Oct. 10 responded to the Family Dollar Store in the 500 block of North Arizona Boulevard on a shoplifting not in progress after the suspect paid for one item and took others valued at $48 without paying for them.

Police on Oct. 10 responded to the Walmart in the 1600 block of North Arizona Boulevard on a shoplifting that had occurred one day earlier. Estimated cost for the items taken was $90.40.

Oct. 4 Police responded to the 1000 block of South Fourth Street where a chain link fence had been cut to steal an all-terrain vehicle. The damage to the fence was estimated to be $100.

Police on Oct. 4 responded to a business in the 2000 block of Cameron Boulevard where electrical wiring was damaged. The estimated damage is $500.


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