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The Eloy Fire District responded to the following calls for the week ending Nov 24. The district also responded to 12 calls from an outside agency for assistance.

Nov. 18

At 8:26 am in the 1400 block of E. Salazar Rd. BR521 was dispatched for a brush fire. BR521 Arrived on-scene to find a Cotton Module smoldering. On-site personnel were already working to extinguish it. BR521 requested additional water support to the scene. BC 521 and Tender 521 Responded. Joint efforts from the Fire Department, On-site personnel and heavy equipment were utilized to extinguish the smoldering Cotton Module.

At 9:27 am in the area of Interstate 10 Frontage Road near MP 205. BR522 was dispatched for a brush fire. While responding BR522 determined that the incident was not on I-10 but in the area of the San Manuel Golf Course. The fire was located and determined to be a permitted controlled Burn for brush clearing. BR522 returned to quarters.

Nov. 19

At 5:05 am in the 4000 Block of E. Hwy 84. EN521, EN522, BC521, CR522 were dispatched for a Commercial Structure fire. BC521 arrived on-scene to find thick smoke coming from a processing area within the commercial building. Reporting Party on-scene advised there was smoldering material within the machinery which began to catch fire. EN521 arrived on-scene connecting to a fire hydrant and stretching a fire line into the building for fire attack. Power to the building was shut-off prior to crews entering due to the potential electrical hazards with the equipment. EN522 arrived on-scene and assisted the interior crew with extinguishing the fire. After a long process of clearing material from the machinery, crews confirmed the fire was out. CR523 was on-scene for support and rehab. Once the fire was completely extinguished a fire cause investigation was completed.

At 8:22 am 29000 Block of S. Toltec Highway. BC521, M522 and EN522 were dispatched for an agency assist with PCSO on a structure fire. EN522 arrived and found a home completely involved in fire. It was determined no one was inside the structure. BC521 arrived on-scene and established command Assigning EN522 to fire attack with exposure protection as a second home next to the house on fire was threated due to being so close. Crew’s on-scene stretched a handline and began working on fire attack and exposure protection on the other unburned house. Tender 521 was dispatched as additional water was needed to fully extinguish the fire. PSCO remained on-scene to complete an investigation.

Nov. 22

At 8:39 pm in the 4000 Block of W. White Horse Dr. EN522, Hazmat 522 and BC521 were dispatched for a possible natural gas leak in the area. EN522 arrived on-scene and established command. Crews in full PPE and an Metering device began monitoring the area with no readings. Southwest gas arrived on-scene and metered the area as well. Crews were released from the incident and returned to quarters.

The Eloy Fire District responded to the following EMS calls for the week ending Nov 24.

Station One ran 25 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Station two ran 11 Medical related calls and 5 Motor Vehicle Accident.

There were 4 reported public assistance service call responded to.