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The Eloy Fire District responded to the following calls for the week ending Dec 8. The district also responded to 3 calls from an outside agency for assistance.

Dec. 2

At 6:46 pm in the 900 block of North Main St. En521 was dispatched for a Fire Alarm Activation. En521 arrived on-scene with an evacuation in progress.En521 crew investigated the alarm and found a Malfunctioning Pull station. The on-scene staff was notified and the pull station was repaired and the alarm was reset. En521 cleared and went available.

Dec. 3

At 4:23 am in the 400 block of W. Hanna Dr. EN522, EN521, BC521 and M522 were dispatched for a Residential Structure Fire. En522 arrived on-scene to find the residence evacuated and nothing showing. RP advised they had woke up to alarms going off and seeing smoke in the residence. Crew made entry to the structure to find smoke but no fire in the residence. After careful investigation it was found to be a faulty fan in the heating system. Crews utilized the thermal Imagining camera to check for any additional issues with nothing found. The residence was advised of the issue. Crews were cleared and returned to quarters.

At 1:15 pm in the 500 block of W. Martin Luther King St. EN521 was dispatched for a trash fire. En521 arrived on-scene to find a vacant house which had smoke coming from the chimney. EN522 crew made entry to find burning material in the fire place of the vacant building. Crews were able to move the smoldering material out to be extinguished. The rest of the residence was check for any other issues with nothing found. Eloy Building safety was notified and EPD. Crews remained on-scene until outside agencies arrived.

Dec. 4

At 4:08 pm in the 400 block of E. 1st St. EN521, EN522, BC521 and M521 were dispatched to a Commercial fire in the laundry room. EN522 Arrived on-scene to find a two story multifamily building with nothing showing and investigating. After investigation it was determined that a belt to a washing machine had failed and produced a burning smell in the building. Maintenance on-scene along with EN522 crew removed the equipment outside. The structure sustained zero damage and crews cleared for quarters.

At 9:23 pm in the 1000 block of S. Sunshine Blvd. EN521, HazMat 522 and BC521 were dispatched for a possible natural gas leak in the building. BC521 arrived on-scene and established command. EN521 on-scene was assigned to confirm the building was evacuated and meter the building for any sign of a natural gas leak. EN521 had no readings on their meter inside the structure. HM522 crew and Southwest Gas Arrived on-scene and meter the exterior of the structure to find a gas leak next to the meter. The gas had been shut-off to the structure to eliminate any hazards inside. After the hazard was secured. Additional metering inside the structure was completed and no issues were found. Occupants were able to enter the structure and EFD crews cleared scene. Southwest gas remained on-scene.

Dec. 6

At 5:22 pm in the 3000 block of W. Cornman Rd. EN522 was dispatched for a fire alarm activation. EN522 arrived on-scene with nothing showing and investigating. RP on-scene advised they replaced the batteries as the detector was alarming which set off the fire alarm. No emergency was found on-scene. Crew assisted RP with resetting the alarm and cleared for quarters.

Multiple Calls throughout the week were made for a possible brush fire in the area of Interstate 10 at MP 208-209. Smoke was seem in that area for the week as the Pecan Orchards were completing a Permitted control burn. Units still responded to check the area for any possible brush fires.

The Eloy Fire District responded to the following EMS calls for the week ending Dec 8.

Station One ran 37 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Station two ran 17 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accident.

There were 4 reported public assistance service call responded to.