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The Eloy Fire District responded to the following calls for the week ending Oct 27. The district also responded to 3 calls from an outside agency for assistance.

Oct. 22

At 12:08 am in the area of Selma Hwy and Toltec Buttes Rd. E522 and BC521 responded to a report of a brush fire. EN522 arrived on-scene to find a fast moving fire in the brush off of Selma Hwy. EN522 deployed lines and began an aggressive fire attack to stop the spread of the fire. BC521 arrived and assisted with clearing debris. Crew were able to extinguish the fire and mopped up with no issues. Crews returned to service.

Oct. 23

At 2:48 pm in the 500 block of W. Alsdorf Rd. BC521 was notified of a Fire alarm activation. EN521 and M521 responded due to the nature of the call. BC521 and EN521 arrived on-scene to investigate the alarm going off. While that incident was occurring at that facility. BC521 was notified an electrical transformer had exploded down the road. BC521 responded to that call as both calls where due to an electrical surge and loss of power. APS arrived and Crews remained on-scene for a while to assist. Crews where then advised they could clear and return to service.

Oct. 26

At 2:05 pm pm in the 200 Block of W. 3rd Pl. EN521, BC521, EN522, M522 was dispatched for a possible structure fire. BC521 arrived on-scene to discover a rubbish fire at a residence. The fire was extinguished by crews.

At 2:30 pm in the area of N. Diffen Rd. BR521 was dispatched for a brush fire per state land request to Florence. BR521 arrived on-scene to find approx. 3-4 acres of grass and brush burning and threatening homes in that area. BR522 extinguished the fire with the assistance from other Pinal County agencies. Crew remained on-scene to determine no other hotspots were present awaiting the arrival of the State Land Rep. BR521 cleared and returned back to the fire station

At 10:20 pm in the area of East Interstate 10.E521 was dispatched to a vehicle fire. E521 arrived on-scene to find a fully involved vehicle fire. EN521 began fire attack and had fire control within a few minutes.E521 crew overhauled the smoldering vehicle. No other hazards were found on-scene.

The Eloy Fire District responded to the following EMS calls for the week ending Oct 27:

Station One ran 35 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Station two ran 15 Medical related calls and 0 Motor Vehicle Accident.

There were 4 reported public assistance service call responded to.