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The Eloy Fire District responded to the following calls for the week ending June 7. The Eloy Fire District also responded to 4 calls from an outside agency for assistance and 4 false alarms.

June 1

At 5:30 pm in the 400 block of N. D St. ENG521 and BC521 were dispatched for a dumpster fire near a building. ENG 521 arrived on-scene and discovered a large dumpster with fire showing. BC521 arrived and assumed command assigning ENG521 crew as fire attack. ENG 521 crew had fire control quickly limiting the spread to another dumpster. Crew remained on-scene for a short time confirming no other hazards on-scene. Car 523 was called for fire investigation. The fire is currently under investigation by Eloy Fire and Eloy PD

June 2

At 10 pm in the 100 Block of S. Main St. Engine 521 and Battalion 521 were dispatched for a Odor of natural gas next to a structure. Units responded and arrived to find a house had been evacuated. Battalion 521 assumed command and assigned Engine 521 crew to locate any possible gas leaks. Engine 521 crew metered the exterior as well as the interior of the residence for any possible leak. Southwest gas was also called to the scene. Crews were unable to locate any possible leak. SWG arrived on-scene and began metering the area as well. It was determined to be nothing found and crews cleared the call.

June 3

At 2:11 pm in the 5000 Block of S. Sunland Gin Rd. EN522, EN521, S521 and BC521 were dispatched for a semi-truck fire. Support521 arrived on-scene to find Fire showing from the cab of the semi as well as the front of the trailer. EN522 arrived on-scene and assigned fire attack. EN522 crew pulled attack line and began knocking down the fire. EN521 arrived on-scene and dropped a supply line from the fire hydrant to EN522. EN521 pulled an additional attack line and worked on knocking down the Eastside of the fire. Casa Grande EN 504 arrived on-scene and assigned to relieve the initial EN522 crew for rehab. Fire control was achieved and overhaul began. Once all hazards were mitigated. All crews were cleared and returned to quarters

June 5

At 3:45 pm in the 2000 Block of S. Calle Maria Juana. ENG522 & BC521 were dispatched for Mutual-aid to a residential structure fire in the Tierra Grande Subdivision. Eloy Engine 522 responded with a visible black column of smoke showing. Regional Fire had units on-scene and working on fire control when Engine 522 arrived. EN522 crew was assigned to relieve the current crew that was interior. Coolidge Fire arrived on-scene with Crews as BC521 arrived and was assigned Safety. Interior crew EN522 worked to get fire control for some time. EN522 interior crew was pulled and sent to rehab. Coolidge Fire assigned interior to work on Loss Stop. Gila River Fire arrived with a Battalion, Engine and Tender. Safety was transferred and Crews were being released as loss stop was completed.

June 6

At 5:59 am in the area Phillips Rd and Sunland Gin Rd. AZ State fire requested a brush truck for a possible brush fire in the area. BR522 arrived to find a 100 ft by 10 ft brush fire. BR522 crew extinguished the fire before it spread. BR522 crews mopped up the area and cleared and returned to quarters

June 7

At 7:59 pm in the 400 Block of S. D st. Engine 521, BC521, EN522 and Medic 521 were dispatched for a residential structure fire. BC 521 Report smoke visible from that location. Units arrived on-scene to find a grill in the back yard on fire with debris. Crews extinguished the out of control fire and contacted the home owner. No other hazards were found and crews cleared and returned to quarters.

The Eloy Fire District responded to the following EMS calls for the week ending June 7th, 2020.

Station one responded to 37 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Station two responded to 12 Medical related calls and 2 Motor Vehicle Accident.

There were 4 reported public assistance service calls responded to.


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