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The Eloy Fire District responded to the following calls for the week ending May 3. The Eloy Fire District also responded to 6 calls from an outside agency for assistance.

April 27

At 5:48pm in the 400 Block of Alsdorf Rd. Brush 521 responded to a report of a brush fire.BR521 arrived on-scene to find that the fire had been extinguished before the units arrival by a neighbor. BR521 completed some mop up of the area and cleared the scene.

April 28

At 6:04 am in the area of Picacho Hwy and Green reservoir Road. Brush 521 responded to a report of a brush fire per state land request. BR521 arrived on-scene to find a fast moving fire in the area of 50-100 acres burned and smoldering. Brush 521 deployed hose lines for fire attack and began extinguishment. BC521 was added to the call for command resource. Department of Forestry and Fire Management arrived and the scene was turned over to them as EFD crews were released.

At 5 pm in the 4000 Block of N. Outer Dr. EN522, BC521, M522 responded for a report of fire in a room already extinguished per PD on-scene. EN522, BC521 arrived on-scene to find a small fire had occurred and no damage was done to the structure. EN522 checked the area with the Thermal Imagining camera and found no heat or spread of fire to the building. EFD units cleared scene turning it over the EPD.

At 9:21pm in the 4000 Block of N. Catalina DR. EN522, BC521, EN521,M521, M522 was dispatched for a possible structure fire. EN522 arrived on-scene to find light smoke coming from the residences. EN522 pulled a hose line for search-rescue and fire attack. BC521 arrived on-scene and commenced command. EN522 made entry into the structure for a primary search and all-clear to confirm everyone was out of the structure. EN521 arrived on-scene and was placed on-deck. EN522 interior crew confined no one inside the structure and was able to extinguish the stove that was on fire. Crews remained on-scene for some time providing customer service to the occupants. Crews were released as decon and assignments were completed.

On Wednesday the 29th, @ 3:54 pm in the area of Interstate 10 at MP 200 area. BR522 was dispatched for a brush fire. BR522 arrived on-scene to find approx. 2 acres of grass and brush burning at a high rate of speed. BR522 began to start extinguishing the fast moving fire and cutting fire line to stop the spread. BR522 requested additional resources based on the fire movement and location. BC521 and BR521 responded as additional resources. Crews on both brush units worked fast and hard to gain control of the brush fire. After a hot battle crews were able to have it contained within the hour.

May 1

At 10:34 pm in the 1000 Block of North Sunshine Blvd. EN521, BC521, EN522, M521, M522 was dispatched for a possible structure fire. EN521 arrived on-scene to find nothing showing on arrival, Assumed command and began investigating. EN521 crew made entry interior of the building to find several items that had burned with very light smoke inside. BC521 arrived on-scene and assumed command. EN521 crews removed the burnt items from the building and checked to see if there was any additional fire spread with the building. After sometime checking the building no additional hot spot were located. Crew’s on-scene provided customer service clearing the structure of the smoke and checking for any additional utility issues to the building. Nothing else was needed. Command was terminated and crews were released. The scene was turned over to EPD for any criminal issues.

May 3

At 9:17 pm in the 10 block of N. Santa Cruz Blvd. EN521, BC521 was dispatched for a Gas Leak. BC521 arrived on-scene and was met by a Store employee who advised there was a strong odor of propane coming from the propane storage area. BC521 assumed command and assigned EN521 crew hazard sector for investigations. EN521 crew found a leaking propane tank inside the storage cage. Crews were able to gain access to the cage and locate the cylinder that had leaking valve. The propane cylinder had leaked all but 10 percent left of the product. The cylinder was removed to a safe location with better ventilation for final off-gassing. Crews were cleared by command as the leaking cylinder was mitigated and turned back over to the store employee.

The Eloy Fire District responded to the following EMS calls for the week ending May 3rd, 2020.

Station one responded to 33 Medical related calls and 1 Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Station two responded to 7 Medical related calls and 0 Motor Vehicle Accident.

There were 4 reported public assistance service calls responded to.