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Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for Sept. 9-13:


Taylor, Paul L

Johnson, Elaine Alice

Johnson, Darlene Rose

Chase, Harry James

Coleman, Vivian Ruth

Marriage licenses issued

Brundrett, Bridget Ann and Higgs, Evelyn Marie, Rockport, Texas

Carter, Lori Alexandra and Macleod, Mason Kyle, Queen Creek

Mann, William Vincent and Naumann, Roxane Kay, Apache Junction

Ding, Jing, Apache Junction and Weidner, Karl Deitrich, Casa Grande

Mellecker Jr, Donald William and Soratorio, Ma Salette A, Maricopa

Mayo, Hannah and Powers, Christopher Cody, Apache Junction

Tucker, Anastasia, Florence and Webb, Mitchell Jay, San Tan Valley

Cooper, William Harry and Reber, Kelly R, San Tan Valley

Mason, Shawn Antonio and Valencia, Sylvia Delisia, Coolidge

Fliss, Karina Elena and Wilson, Ryan Thomas, San Tan Valley

Archer, Daniel G and Moreland, Gabriella M, Apache Junction

Delgado-Jurado, Ernesto Ivan and Smith, Breanna Lee, Florence

Cocoa Romero, Oscar Gilberto and Fimbres Valenzuela, Claudia Lorena, Maricopa

Corrales Salguero, Diana and Montoya Garcia, Aurelio, Maricopa

Lochner, Michael Christopher and Rhodes, Casey Michelle, Apache Junction

Brady, Cheyanne Grace and Nash, Chase Holden, Casa Grande

Gerberding, Michelle Caroline and Stevens, Mark S, Florence

Heinz, Margaret Anne and Mahanna Jr, Darrel George, Tucson

Hughes, Larkilani Gladys Patricia and Smith, Warren Wood, Casa Grande

Antone, Rebecca and Mendoza, Jose Angel, Casa Grande

Fazio, Robert George and Gutierrez, Sandra Jean, Apache Junction

Alegria Celaya, Alejandra and Flores Ruiz, Erubell Rangel, Arizona City

Amos, Amos R and McFarlen, Christian Scott Dwight, Eloy

Perkins, Michael Anthony and Quintanar Moroyoque, Sarah Marie, Casa Grande

Lobo, Judith Claire Polendey and Piedad, Keith Lorenz Gaspar, Florence

Hansen, Daniel Robert and Smalley, Amanda Jayne, Coolidge

Gallagher, Matthew Neal and Wheeler, Terra Renee, Maricopa

Johnson, Desiree and Waldien, Joshua Ryan, Florence

Lawrence, Cambrea Christine and Ulrick, Spencer Blake, San Tan Valley

Hopp, Amber Corrine and Wiswell, Shane Michael, Maricopa

Fritz, Elaine Elizabeth and Verdi, Frank Daniel, Apache Junction

Boyle, Danny Parker and Boyle, Wendy Marie, San Tan Valley

Disney, Nikole Michel and Johnson, Matthew James Lee, Queen Creek

Dissolutions granted

Foust, Jasmine Esther and Foust II, Dave Allen

Long, Brittany A and Long, Roy Keith

Wiley, Griffin and Piceno, Victoria

Ellis, Kathleen A and Ellis, David A

Lethem, Ryder C and Lethem, Kelly J

Casanova, Manfredo and Casanova, Judith

Schultz, Marc James and Schultz, Erin R

Doyle, Coby Thomas and Norburg, Kristin M

Lebaron Bustillos, Cliff Anthony and Silver, Jennifer Jolene

Harbich, Michelle Diane and Harbich, Alfred

Ruff, Justin L and Ruff, Maria M

Cornish, Robert and Tanner, Sheridon

Waasdorp, Jacqueline Marie and Waasdorp, Kelly Lee

Woodard, Tommy James and Woodard, Shannon Marie

Farrell, Heather and Farrell, Tiffany

Perez, Daniel Perez and Mendoza, Sofia Sanchez

Moreno, Veronica Lynn and Moreno, Mario

Smith, Alexandria and Smith, Colt

Kojs, Maria and Kojs, Czeslaw

Espinoza, Itzel and Alvarado, Adan Ismael

Rangel, Anamarie A and Ramirez, Francisco D