Another court gavel (old)

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for May 17-21:


Greenland, Robert W

Blessin, Edna Henrietta

Sowersby, Marguerite Delores

Krpan, George Larry

Losleben, Richard

Graham, David James

Dominguez, Amado

Afton, Philip Eugene

Estrella, Jose A

Estrella, Connie

Tomlin, James R

Marriage licenses issued

Getz, Linda Breanna and Trujillo, Dustin Andrew, San Tan Valley

Gomez, Leslie Teresa and Isom, Patrick Lee, Coolidge

Craighill, Dominic Eugene, Oracle and Hubbard, Hailey Nicole, San Manuel

Lucas, Jonathan Daniel, Ogden, Utah and Palmer, Cambrie Chalet, Taylor

McCabe, Marti Mae and Williams, Donald James, Mesa

Abonce, Gerardo Chavez and Maldonado, Destiny Lenae, Casa Grande

Hill, Joseph and Marin, Marsadese Fay, Casa Grande

Hamieh, Ahmed, Gilbert and Hussain, Ghufran H, Fort Worth, Texas

Firth, Melanie Ralston and Wybenga, David Alan, Arizona City

Gray, Robert D and Hurtado, Sara K, Queen Creek

Cavanaugh, Monica Ann and Garcia, Tommy Rojas, Coolidge

Bernal, Eduardo Armando and Murillo, Gregoria, Casa Grande

Mendoza, Mauricio and Richardson, Kaitlyn R, Coolidge

Durr, Monica Victoria and Pittman, Robert Stewart, Maricopa

Hoffing, Jacquelyn Judith, Las Vegas, Nevada and Whitcomb, John Douglas, Queen Creek

Conrad, Joshua R and Simmons, Heather A, Florence

Huber, Kerissa Rae and Spetter, John Michael, Casa Grande

Anjos, Dalila and Darling, Richard Nelson, Gold Canyon

Culpepper, Marie Ann and Leigh, Richard Jason, San Tan Valley

Dunphy, Gwendolyn Ann and Howe, Trevor Roberts, San Tan Valley

Markis, Paula Jean and Nietzold, Craig Steven, San Tan Valley

Hook, Kari Jo Ann and Martinez, Dennis Jose, Maricopa

Gutierrez, Verdell Marie and Madueno, Alexa Marie, Apache Junction

Cambree, Renee Garner and Paden, Allen Nevitt, San Tan Valley

Drews, Kandace Raeshel and Simzyk, Ryan Kenneth, Apache Junction

Ramirez, Orlando and Sanchez, Marla, San Tan Valley

Barnes, Barbra Jean and Greene, Richard Allen, Casa Grande

Christiansen, Philip Alan, Loveland, Colorado and Gietler, Alice Fay, Queen Creek

Fabian-Roman, Christina Jo, Goodyear and Skinner, John B, San Tan Valley

Bautista, Sonia and Rodriguez, Eusebio, Miami, Florida

Montenegro, Edward Jose and Saballos Perez, Delia Manuel, Maricopa

Good, Ronald Melvin and Nordvik, Stacey Renee, Gold Canyon

Dissolutions granted

Sample, Carsyn Dae and Sample, Jason Frank

Weaser, Daren and Weaser, Heather

Fritsch, Jovan Robert and Fritsch, Jenifer Dawn

Gardner, Nikkia and Gonzales, Martin M

Belloc, Yvette and Belloc, Enrique

Saunders, Brian and Saunders, Colleen

Uriarte, Antonia Garcia and Porras, Cesar Garcia

Heiden, Meagan and Muder, Jeremy

Lindsey, Tiffani D and Suida, Dennis

Montoya-Schruz, Candice and Ertas, Richard Jack

• • •

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for May 24-28:


Costa, Sadie P

Phillips, William Terry

Slatton, William Eugene

Creeach, Donna June

Meskimen, James L

Martin, Gary Eugene

McCarty, Allen J

Lee, Robert

Weinstein, David James

Dodds, Robert Lee

Meason, Kathleen M

Marriage licenses issued

Amado Jr, David Jesus and Navarro, Evelyn Melissa, San Tan Valley

Baggett, Aspen Lee and Thomas, Landen Zachary, Maricopa

Anderson, Cal James and Reardon, Penelope Jan, Apache Junction

Loomis, Jacob Cole, Maricopa and Solomon, Laura Michelle, Coolidge

Griemsman, Jeanine Marie and Gross, John, Mesa

Hiracheta, Marina Estella and Worthington II, Stephen Michael, Superior

Burke, Joanne F and Eskew, Gary R, Mesa

Blain, Serge Sebastian, Weston, Florida and Montanez, Angelyn Jenisse, Wesley Chapel, Florida

Lunt, Nicole Evans and Pena, Aubrey Brooke, Safford

Maldonado Jr, Roberto Pantoja and Sherwood, Amy, Casa Grande

Dunn, John Frank and Snider, Bobbi Jean, Sumner, Washington

Flores Rivas, Peral Lizeth and Plancarte, Salvador, Eloy

Akers, Loren Leslie and Reser, Kristin Sue, Coolidge

Bergtholdt, Rachel Ann and Gaffney, Thomas Alvin, San Tan Valley

Fisher, Chaze Coby, Houston, Texas and Leal, Bobbie Lynn, Queen Creek

Frost, Darrin Charles and Gardner, Kristina Ann, Gold Canyon

Randall, Travis Michael and Sheick, Kelly S, Apache Junction

Candelaria, Carlos Martin and Marez, Thesesa Nadine, Milan, New Mexico

Harmon, Lorinda Ann, San Tan Valley and Rocca, Joseph Maurice, Katy, Texas

Myles, Kevin and Palumbo-Hairston, Tammy M, Apache Junction

Reyes, Gabriel and Simon, Andrea Paje, Florence

Brand, Matthew Conner and Ferguson, Marissa Jo, Arlington, Virginia

Alvidrez, Nicole and Flores Jr, Enrique Raymundo, San Tan Valley

Burgess, Joshua Thomas and Wilcox, Deleina Michelle, Mesa

Dissolutions granted

Packer, David Lynn and Packer, Susan M

Williams, Steven and Williams, Jessica

Schmader, Jane Isabel and Spencer, Michael

Conway, Roussel and Conway, David

Burnheimer, Jennifer and Jaworski, Robert Michael

Ramos, Ruddy and Ramos, Sonya

Lopez, Ranae A and Lopez, Melissa M

Paschen, Ashley Rose and Williams, Daniel

Wright, Jane Mary and Wright, Phillip James

• • •

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for June 1-4:


Montz, Paul A

Imada, Amana

Hendricks, Patrick J

Naylor, Tracie

Sauceda, Aurora D

Sauceda, Francisco

Borquez, John C

Marriage licenses issued

Borden, Oscar McArthur and Rojas Fernandez, Rosemary D, Apache Junction

John, Nathan Christopher and Manning, Lily Beth, San Tan Valley

Aviles, Juan Gonzalez and Snyder, Helen Marie, Gilbert

Hall, Chantil Lavonne and McInnis, Joy Lee, San Tan Valley

Grawbowski, Judith Ann and Larkin, Lloyd Thomas, Maplewood, Minnesota

Schmidt, Lisa Michelle and Smith, Crystal Ann, Apache Junction

Glass, Lela Sue and Kelly, Charles Ronald, Casa Grande

Dixon, Tiffany Nichole and Posey, Nicholas Chadley, Florence

Awong, Kiana Marie and Baker, Joshua Neil, Apache Junction

Battle, Matthew Ryan and Wilson, Alexis Elizabeth, Queen Creek

Leoni, Sarah Grace and Rodriguez, Daniel J, San Tan Valley

Holmes, Rosie Marie and Porras, Oscar Alejandro, Casa Grande

Lee, Jordan Matthew and Lewis, Samantha Marie, San Tan Valley

Cano, Melissa Ramirez and Nuanes, Ty Edward, Casa Grande

High, Wendi Lynn and Scott, David William, Mesa

Cordts, Angel Rae and Johnson, Wayman Merle, San Tan Valley

Leonard, James Price and Rood, Barbara Jean, Florence

Braalman, Bradley William and Tavison, Jodie Leanne, San Tan Valley

Huggins, John Thomas and Huggins, Marleen Ann, Maricopa

Handley, Erica Jean and Lourich, Timothy Charles, Rosemount, Minnesota

Cain, Candace and Ramirez, Orlando, Coolidge

Dissolutions granted

Scanlan, Barbara Jean and Scanlan, Alfred Edgar

Evans, Christopher Russell and Evans, Traci Lyn

Gregoryk, Robert and Gregoryk, Kasey

Sheppard, Corinne Kaye and Sheppard, Robert Dwayne

Cloutier, Michele and Carpenter, Wayne

Hanania, Khader and Hanania, Tahani

James, Justin and James, Jennifer Lee

Wisnosky , Kristin and Wisnosky , Bryan

Franklin, Margaret A and Franklin III, Austin E

Larkin, Tisha and Jones Sr, Ryan

Bender, Christy S and Bender, Jason T

Gibson, Joan and Stewart, Thomas

Perea, Jacylyn and Perea, Federico


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