Another court gavel

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for July 22-26:


Berry, Michael Bake

Trujillo, Isabel V

Lancaster, Beverley Joann

Lockard, Sandra

Hendricks, Judith

Hogan, Alfred

Hogan, Mary L

Hanlon, Marilyn J

Rauscher, Elizabeth A

Cleland, Jared Scott

Lantz, Charles Erland

Weltmer, Frank Noyes

Schumacher, Lucille Louise

Marriage licenses issued

Creaney, Brian and Shumaker, Lisa, Geneva, Illinois

Cano, Jorge and Ruiz, Samantha, Apache Junction

Bradley, Eric Kyle, Florence and Diaz, Yolanda, Somerton

Capozzi, Jordan, Apache Junction and Howell, Hannah Nicole, Mesa

Pantoja, Zachary Richard and Puryear, Kayla Marie, Casa Grande

Duncan, Angela Ann-Marie and Qurban, Omar A, Florence

Valdez, Elisa and Pentland, Martin Gerald, Scottsdale

Chang, Jung-En and Ching, Li Wei, Florence

Graham, Parker Allen and Ross, Rachel Nicole, Apache Junction

Garcia, Aaron and Waters, Jessica Leann, Maricopa

Nance, Justin T and Skelly, Brittany J, Florence

Meegan, Richard Dana and White, Suzanne Marguerite, Maricopa

Peters, Samantha Christine and Shannon, Clay Bryant, Casa Grande

Boyd, Riley Woody and Jarrah, Salsabeal Bendenia, Casa Grande

Esler, Lois Barbara and Goodfield, Edward Neil, Scottsdale

Engler, Gene Anthony and Messina, Caitlyn Geraldine, Maricopa

Dissolutions granted

Lewis, Parris L and Lewis, Denise

Ryan, Joshua T and Ryan, Stephanie K

Weeks, Stanley E and Weeks, Kathleen A

Campbell, Elizabeth and Campbell, Wayne

White, Kenneth Daniel and White, Carolyn Kay

Flowers, Christopher A and Flowers, Chelcie Marie

Parsons, Trudy and Parsons, David

Caudell, Margaret Elizabeth and Bolen, Timothy Don

Mallett, Darren and Mallett, Alisa

Valenzuela, Clara D and Valenzuela, Theodore

Montano, Ildsfonso I and Montano, Chez S

Tallman, Meagan Liane and Tallman, Michael Richard

Molina, Daniel and Rosales, Berenis

Moore, Deborah K and Moore, Bobby

Serna Garcia, Laura and Sombra, Angel P

Jackson, Jennifer and Schaupp, Nathaniel

Ontiveros, Omar C and Jacquez, Veronica Lopez

Pinedo, Beatriz and Lizarraga, Jose O

Strong, Gary L and Strong, Bonnie D

Blair, Stephanie and Blair III, Henry

Owens, Carmetta and Wilson, Charles

Waltz, Henry Richard and Waltz, Sandra Denise

Haight, Timothy L and Haight, Carolyn M