Another court gavel

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for Aug. 17-21:


Lorona, Charlotte

Fausnett, Gloria J

Aragon, Ernest Robert

Lynch, Michael O

Palmer, Richard Dean

Aguirre, Arthur V

Zavitka, Shirley A

Johnson, Gary L

Marriage licenses issued

Brooks, Kerrie Lyn and McDonald, David, San Tan Valley

Bricker, Denis Paul and Yoho, Ashley Rene, Apache Junction

Cotrina Concha, Patricia Elena and St. Clair, Mark Edward, Casa Grande

Lange, Logan Michelle and McCall, Jessica Lindsey, Arizona City

Gomez, Melissa Reyna and Navarro, John Anthony, Superior

Applehans, Cody Joe and Swain, Rachel, Casa Grande

Nedrow, Carolyn Marie and Powers, Craig William, San Tan Valley

Badder, Donna Jean and Egorin, Ivan, Maricopa

Corral Lucero, Victor Fabian and Urrego Borda, Jeinny Andrea, Maricopa

Maggi, Daniel James and Peeples, Natalie Brooke, Apache Junction

Dickerson, Harold Dexter, Florence and Hughes, Lizette, San Tan Valley

Ellis, Lafrances and Jackson, Marcus D, Coolidge

Asbury, Savana Joy and Hall Jr, James Edward, San Tan Valley

Frantz, Kenneth and Mortensen, Eunice J, Casa Grande

Patterson, Richard L, Maricopa and Randall, Debbie Raye, Rialto, California

Cordova, Devin Artemisa and May, Zary Rawdon, Florence

Ritchie, Alyssa Kate and Solie, Trenton Jacob, Gold Canyon

Goswick, Edmund L and Horton, Brittney A, Eloy

Ely Jr, Theodore Servoss and Nicolette, Graciela T, Gold Canyon

Gonzales, Sonya L and Salazar, Jose C, Maricopa

Smith, Mendi J, Tempe and Walker, Jimmy D, Coolidge

Briere, Ashley Hope and White, Ryan Lee, Maricopa

Disciullo, Linda C and Reynolds, Clarence Gary, Queen Creek

Lee, Jordan Matthew and Lewis, Samantha Marie, San Tan Valley

Burton, William David and Gualano, Melissa Lynn, Maricopa

Hall, Robert John and Oliveira Da Silva, Janaina, Gold Canyon

Hensley, Caleb Roy, Apache Junction and Keller-Bradford, Kaley Suzanne, Mesa

Knopsnider, Brittany Lea and Martin, Travis Michael, Florence

Backues, Tara Megan and Newkirk, Jason Lee, Apache Junction

Ordinola, James and Valenzuela, Patricia Louise, Casa Grande

Taylor, Kimberly Mery, Maricopa and Vazques, Omar Chagoya Isaac, Eloy

Colton, Alexander Thomas and Stansbery, Samantha Lynn, Apache Junction

Calleros, Cruz and Gallegos Jaquez, Jorge, Apache Junction

Burt, Corrissa E and Zokvic, Matthew Adam, Florence

Madro, Leanne M and Stadel, Scott D, Apache Junction

Elkins, Darbi Jeannine and Engelhart V, Harry Charles, Mesa

Dissolutions granted

Whittecar, Stephanie and Whittecar, Bryan

Hernandez-Leon, Cristobal and Atondo, Virginia

Rosales, Beverly and Rosales Jr, Fermin E

Springer, Kodie Lyn and Springer, James Edward

Zanini-Ma, Mindy and Ma, Emily

Henderson, Jeremy and Henderson, Lacy

Smith, Samantha Marie and Smith, Thomas

Coddington, Michael and Coddington, Donna

Terry, Amanda Elaine and Ruiz, Ismael Joe

Blaschke, Steven Matthew and Blaschke, Monica Alexia

Thompson, Angel Marie and Thompson-Reuter, Jacob Ryan Eli Laird Joseph

Ott, Michael Eric and Ott, Alyssa Joan

Evans, Timothy Steven and Evans, Crystal Jean

Petersen, Serena and Petersen, Mark

Gates, Tyler and Gates, Mercy

Pardo, Kendall Austin and Brown, Winter Lee Ann

Lira, April Marie and Lira Sr, Michael Paul


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