Another court gavel 2021

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for Aug. 30 to Sept. 3:


Graham, Linda Lou

Baas Sr, Kenneth J

Pennington, Ronald L

Stalcup, Philip

Frandsen, William E

Brock, Cynthia Kaye

Fisher, Ulrick Wilhem

Gohitan, Edwardo

Nabors, Dustin Tucker

Laine, Russell Bruce

Hanson, Elaine Jeanette

Duncan, Howard Allen

Crespin, Fred

Hernandez Jr, Joe C

Breakey, Caroline Marie

Marquez, Ricardo

Carter, Roscoe P

Serrato, Filemon

Bilchak, Joe

Shipman, Michael Wayne

Olson, Douglas Duane

Marriage licenses issued

Van Winkle, Steven Ray and Warman, Mary Therese, Apache Junction

Dusterhoft, Jessica Page, Florence and Peralta-Campillo, Jesus Antonio, Clovis, New Mexico

Durbel, Wayne Michael and Short, Kelsey Janelle, Gold Canyon

Altamirano, Edith Cancino and Dickerson, Jacob Shane, Maricopa

Dalsasso, Thomas Edward and Lewarne, Tina Marie, San Tan Valley

Buelna Valenzuela, Alexis Ignacio, Arizona City and Nery, Yareni Mireya, Eloy

Bollman, Skyler Daniel and Gereg, Shay Ellen Nicole, San Tan Valley

Nobeleza Jr, Rogelio Cachumbo, Nogales, Arizona and Ouellette, Marc Edward, Casa Grande

Smith, Christopher Joseph, San Tan Valley and Trent, Miranda Mae, Apache Junction

Lipari, David Jon and Peterson, Megan Gail, San Tan Valley

Hua, Thu Anh and Trieu, Ngoc Anh, Casa Grande

Bowman, Holly Lyn, Maricopa and Lawrence, Austin Charles, Phoenix

Burnett, Philip Charles and Ortega, Gloria, Casa Grande

Havier, Juan Patrick and Peters, Justina, Sells

Moore-Cifuentes, Gabriel Lawrence and Whitmore, Jessica Dean, Apache Junction

Ortega Hernandez, Manuel De Jesus and Resto Cruz, Xiomara, Maricopa

Esposito, Eugene John and Starkey, Carly Grace, Maricopa

Darnell, Clinton Thomas and Velasco, Kassandra Lydia Molina, Casa Grande

Peterson, Amanda Emily and Treantafeles, Thomas Nicholas, Topeka, Kansas

Cody, Nichelle M and Lyons, Derek K, San Tan Valley

Koncurat, Seth Andrew, Alpine, Utah and Searle, Madilyn Rae, Corpus Christi, Texas

Flores, Mikayla Marie and Olsen, Matthew Robert, Florence

Garza, Megan Nicole, Sidney, Montana and Skurupey, Samuel Lynn, Watford City, North Dakota

Cruz, Daniel Eugene and Cruz, Maygen Leigh, Casa Grande

Gill, Maryann Lynn, Queen Creek and Salgado, Sergio Luis, Goodyear

Brown, Nora and Gumina, John Erwin, San Tan Valley

Daley, Kathryn Ann, Casa Grande and Smith, Jason Michael, Mesa

Lee, Katelynd Jane and Sapp, David Andrew, Casa Grande

Lett IV, Karl D and Rosin, Elizabeth Ann, Queen Creek

Chavarin Nunez, Miguel Angel and Nieves Cons, Beatriz Adriana, Casa Grande

Martinez, Nikki Grace and Miller, Brian Patrick, Phoenix

Garcia, Suhaely Munoz and Mederos, Leonardo, Apache Junction

Borrego, Hailee Briann, Hood River, Oregon and Dunsmore, Nicholas Lloyd, St. Petersburg, Florida

Casillas, Christopher Thomas and Nguyen, Ngoc Thu Tran, Superior

Carrola, Denise, Mesa and Ford, Kenneth Robert, Apache Junction

Hernandez, Jacqueline Kari and Ricks, Grahamn Brandon, Maricopa

Bradshaw, Logan Daniel and Tomaszewski, Stevie Rae, San Tan Valley

St Clair, Kyle Anthony and Valencia, Nathaly, Casa Grande

Cholo, Gabriela Noelle and Mayora, Edwin Mauricio, Mesa

Dissolutions granted

Hutchinson, Tara and Hutchinson, Abraham

Bobbett, Kaylee R and Bobbett, Lee A

Austin, Beth and Austin, Stephen

Kisler, Stephanie and Kisler, Tyler

Gonzalez, Esteban and Gonzalez, Kayla

Sanchez Minjares, Deyanira and Minjares, Bejamin

Corum, Marlo R and Corum Sr, Bennie R

Payne, Mikayla and Konieczski, Richard

Powell, Michael Allen and Powell, Jessica Lynn

Guerrero, Caroline and Guerrero, Jonathyn

Worn, Barbara and Wurtz, Roy A

Huynh, Bang Van and Le, Mai

McDonald, Peggy Lavon and McDonald, Jerry Ray

Fox, Laura N and Pearson, Terry L

Guadian, Monica and Guadian, Adrian

Modisette, David Rick and Modisette, Tina Louise

Montoya, Richard and Montoya, Rachel

Davis, Wallace and Joormann, Marina

Larsen, Jilanne Alene and Larsen, Chris August

McKinley, Kimberlynn and McKinley, Desdana

Coles, John A and Coles, Joyce A

Coleman, Travis Randall and Coleman, Casey Brooke


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