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Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for Aug. 10-14:


Kingery, Lily

Zielinski, Myron

Otto, Evelyn

Burchett, Felecia A

Capps, Connie C

Gagan, Gary M

Johnson, James Lewis

Martines Jr, Frank W

Martinez, Rosa

Valentine-Whitaker, Mary Anne

Salazar, Olga

Rhodes, Debra

Lujan, Susan Paulette

Marriage licenses issued

Anaya, Amanda Elizabeth and Nichols, Chad Clinton, Casa Grande

Hetrick, Robert Don and Vey, Diana Kathleen, Florence

Picard, Andrew Donald and Whitney, Sarah McDonald, Coolidge

Nuebel, Vincent Depaul and Strohmyer, Susan Mary, Florence

Huante, Bulmaro and Huante, Julie Santos, Maricopa

Hightower, Emmanuel Lewis, Tempe and Jenkins, Geriece Danae, Maricopa

Johnson, Christopher Ryan, San Tan Valley and Lemons, Katherine Irene, Queen Creek

Harris, Cody Eugene and Scott, Shaila Rae, San Tan Valley

Hernandez, Gustavo Patricio and Rodriguez, Laura Michelle, Arizona City

Keilman, Samantha Jean and Moreno, Emilio Cruz, San Manuel

Joaquin, Angelina Theresa and Olson, Misty Jennifer, Florence

Henny, Thomas Christopher and Songstad, Heather Ann, Queen Creek

Ciminello, James A, Apache Junction and Kearney, Elizabeth A, San Tan Valley

Davis, Patricia Lee, Arizona City and Fassbender II, Raymond John, Casa Grande

Reedy, Kevin and Rankin, Dawn Marie, Casa Grande

Ammons, Cory Allen and Tutt, Tamaron Ingrid, San Tan Valley

Austin, Macklee Elise and Bradley, Blain W, Coolidge

Acuna, Reyna and Choate, Earl Donald, Casa Grande

Apelseth, Jeanne Suzanne, San Tan Valley and Brunick, Michael Dale, Queen Creek

Sollinger, Eric, San Tan Valley and Upendra, Priyanka, Chandler

Cheshier, Isaac Douglas and Medina, Deborah Jane, San Tan Valley

Lessner, Linwood Spencer and Morin, Mckayla Marie, Casa Grande

Gosney, Jacob Ryan and Weldon, Shelby Mae, Maricopa

DeMicco, Nicholas and Rossi, Vanessa, Bloomsbury, New Jersey

Megahey, Michelle Mae and Wells, Richard Cole, Queen Creek

Mills, William Francis and Terry, Amanda Elaine, Florence

Solano Preciado, Gabriel and Vasquez Miranda, Fabiola, Arizona City

Dissolutions granted

Evans, Brett J and Evans, Stephanie M

Dockendorf, Travis and Dockendorf, Cari

Fawley, Thomas Hardman and Fawley, Jean Taylor

Wyllie, Ronald and Wyllie, Stephanie

Gerhard, Robert W and Blake, Nancy J

Butler, Patricia L and Butler, Jason E

Espinoza, Patricia and Espinoza, John

Pierce, Gregory and Pierce, Lisa

Hilton, Vickie and Hilton, Jason

Dominguez, Ray and Dominguez, Ashley M

Ontiveros Jr, Javier and Ontiveros, Sophia


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