Another court gavel 2021

Records from the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court Office for Sept. 13-17:


Dropp IIIi, Michael John

Low, Christopher R

Gibson, Dorothy M

Rodriguez, Hortencia Montijo

Montes, Francisca Felix

Bell, Allen J

Davis, Gloria Kenworthy

Riley Jr, Carey

Farmer, Thelma V

Martin, Monty Alfred

Ybarra, Pilar Patricia

Thompson, Mary Jane

Marriage licenses issued

Plaster, Annie Elizabeth and Searle, Rylee Stimpson, Gilbert

Drane, Susan Irene, Mesa and Holverson, Glen, Apache Junction

Boyd, Hayden Andrew, Duncan and McCracken, Nicole Elizabeth, Casa Grande

Canizales, Christopher Gabriel and Duran, Sandra Ivet, Florence

Lopez Alcala, Yajaira and Maldonado Perez, Kenneth Rafael, Eloy

Bonnett-Castillo, Jesse Diego and Dehnert, Jessica Marlene, Scottsdale

Rieffer, Andrew Sebastian and Slinkard, Alisha Chae, Casa Grande

Aguayo, Lorenzo Antonio and Kronenburg, Erica Lynn, Coolidge

Cruz Sanchez, Andrea and Rubio Jr, Ernesto Alonso, Casa Grande

Aguilar, Erica Dawn and Camacho Jr, Jorge Luis, Maricopa

Aguilera Garza, Daniela Guadalupe and Felix Luna, Emmanuel, Queen Creek

Koehn, Pamela Jean and Smith, Bruce Wayne, Casa Grande

Dean, Gregory Joshua and Williams, Breanna Danyea, Florence

Mosher, Angela Marie and Whalen, Kevin Champ, Casa Grande

Gherity, Veronica Ann and Neal, Courtnee Daniel, Florence

Eads, Kevin Alan and Schwarm, Mary Kim, Florence

Rodgers, Marcus Dale and Rubel, Amy Frances, Gold Canyon

Chamberlain, Katilyn Jessica Hope and VanWezel, John Henry, Florence

Guatzozon, Max Dubiel, Coolidge and Medina Naranjo, Hellen Lizeth, Chandler

Casterton, Robert Dean and McKinney, Melissa Darlene, San Tan Valley

Knight, Cruz Gabriela and Leon, Eduardo Rogelio, Mesa

Hardin, Heather M and Pacheco Jr, Patrick J, Florence

Marley, Victor Ganesha and Marley, Yvonne Ganja, Casa Grande

Sammond, Victor Yugo and Wilmoth, Mikaela Marie, Tucson

Cruz, Annette Quitugua and Solis, Adrian Aragon, Casa Grande

Correa, Fernando and Harris, Christy Lynn, San Tan Valley

Valenzuela, Leonardo, Mesa and Valles, Beatriz, Apache Junction

Hosobe, Spencer Takahide and Ringuette, Annalee Filene, Chandler

Padilla, Rodney James and Stanton, Casey Lynn, Casa Grande

Graff, Eric William, Mesa and Neu, Diana Lynn, San Tan Valley

Hernandez, Jesse Fabian and Thompson, Lauren Ellen, Casa Grande

Gates, Jeffrey Allen and Whiteaker, Cynthia Marie, Apache Junction

Acevedo Vasquez, Jose Cruz and Carrasco, Erica Linda, Maricopa

Escobedo, Ashley Nicole and Manoz, Aaron Ray, Apache Junction

Huffman, Kerry Lyn, Oracle and Miller, Joey William, Tucson

Salazar, Victor Manuel and Silva, Sonia Angelica, Casa Grande

Akin, Alisha and Fisher, Adam James, Apache Junction

Bell, Ryan James and Hawkins, Leslie Ellen, Apache Junction

Padilla, Daniel Anthony, Casa Grande and Sanudo, Julianna, Stanfield

Humphrey, Bradley Scott and Roth, Chanin Elise, Queen Creek

Candelaria, Marc Anthony, Apache Junction and Moorhouse, Brandi Lin, Mesa

Castillo, Raul and Trevino, Monica, Casa Grande

Brown, Sarah Nicole and Weaver, Gabriel Paul, San Tan Valley

Casellas, Jose Antonio, Casa Grande and Lugo, Santa Isabel, Tucson

Hurley II, Glen Michael and Purvis, Jennifer Marie, Apache Junction

Perez, Melissa Esmeralda, Chandler and Powers, Richard Donald, Las Vegas, Nevada

Payette, Christy Rose and Wiley, Realbe Shea, Maricopa

Dissolutions granted

Bailey, Brandi and Bailey, Kwame

Miller, Suellen and Miller, David

Eby, Trisha and Eby, Kyle

Zepeda, Destiny Sabrina and Raya, Juan

Reitsma, Ashley Gail and Lackman, Weston T

Hernandez, Robert and Hernandez, Sonia

Esch, David A and Esch, Joellen

Allison, Robert O and Rhodes-Allison, Mercedes I

Cazares, Marisela I and Cazares, Manuel F


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