School: Coolidge High School

Grade level: Senior

Sport/position: Football/QB/FS

Nickname: Val

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite TV show: American Horror Story

Favorite movie: Step-Brothers

Favorite music group/singer: Russ

Favorite book: The Giver

Favorite class/subject: Science

Favorite athlete: Tom Brady

Role model: My dad

What I’d like to win a lifetime supply of: Paydays

Favorite hobby: Sports

Favorite board game/card game: Connect Four

Favorite website/app/video game: MLB The Show 19

Biggest sports thrill: Throwing a perfect game in baseball

Best advice ever received: Practice hard every day like it is your last.

Performance review: Rodriguez threw four TD passes, going 10-of-19 for 181 yards in a 41-12 win over Sahuarita last week. Rodriguez has 12 total TDs (8 pass, 4 rush) on the season.

Coach’s comments: “Val is a very humble young adult and great leader that reaches his teammates with positivity and encouragement. The athletic ability he brings to the field has been developed over the years with his hard work and dedication.” — Coolidge coach Rodger Schenks


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