Coolidge Volleyball team photo

The 2021 Coolidge Lady Bears volleyball team consists of, back row from left, Emillia Brinkerhoff, Marina Ramirez, Chelzie Downs, Jrew McWilliams, Amaya Sommer, Makenzie Gibson, Briana Bowman and Priscilla Ramirez. In the front row, from left, are Alison Bacon, Kayla Hunt, Siraya Ibarra, Abby Antonio, Grace Thompson and Isabel Molina.

COOLIDGE — The 2021 Coolidge Lady Bears volleyball team is young, but at least coach Dolores Bojorquez has more players suiting up for her than last year.

With the season just starting, Bojorquez is still trying to figure out the top positions for the players on her team.

One exception to that is setter Jrew McWilliams, who has returned for her third season on the varsity and is considered the leader on the court for the young team.

When McWilliams rolled her ankle slightly in the first game of the season and had to leave, the team fell apart without its leader.

She returned to the court last week.

“I really don’t know (positions yet),” Bojorquez said. “The girls possess strength all over the court. We have a great bunch of young girls giving their best, they are coachable and very willing to learn.”

Bojorquez said as a coach the hope is always to see the team learn the game, do its best and improve as the season progresses.

“I gave a lot of new girls to the varsity (team),” she said, pointing out she only has three seniors. Besides McWilliams, one of the seniors is brand new to the sport.

The newcomer has tried her best and has improved, but Bojorquez told her she might not see much playing time.

McWilliams is the only senior who has experience on the varsity. Of the five juniors, two played in the team last year. The team also has two sophomores and two freshmen to round out the squad

“Once we get going we are going to compete, which is always good for them,” she said.

Bojorquez said as the team gets some experience the players will begin to mesh and develop a rhythm.

She already has seen the great attitude of the team, who will pick up each other to keep their spirits up.

McWilliams began playing volleyball in the seventh grade, but got serious about the sport after her freshman year, and she has played club ball for the past three years.

McWilliams said she realizes the team relies on her experience and tries to instill a positive attitude.

“I try to pick them up, instead of having them put their heads down,” she said, adding that volleyball came naturally to her. Her grandparents used to play the sport all the time, too.

In her sophomore year McWilliams said she was not the best player on the team, but she stepped it up in her junior year.

Her favorite position is setting up shots for her teammates.

“It gives me a thrill,” she said.

Her goals for the team this season are modest and realistic.

“I just want to win some games,” she said.