Heritage Coolidge Rendering

A rendering of Saint Holdings’ planned Heritage Project shows where it would be located and its proximity to infrastructure.

COOLIDGE — Saint Holdings, a Pinal County land holding corporation and the key stakeholder in the Central Arizona Commerce Park in Casa Grande, has big plans for Coolidge.

At Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Matthew McCormick, vice president of acquisitions for Saint Holdings LLC, presented on what the company hopes to bring to the expanding city.

The company’s most notable project in Pinal County has been the 740-acre industrial park on the west side of Casa Grande.

Most recently, a Tractor Supply distribution center made a home at the park. The grand vision for the industrial park is that electric car company Lucid Motors will also eventually break ground there.

With the park in what McCormick calls the “close-out phase” if Lucid Motors and its suppliers take up most of the lots, Saint Holdings is gearing up to build a similar, albeit bigger development in Coolidge.

The future development would be on approximately 11,000 acres along the southern end of Coolidge, purchased from the city of Mesa over the course of two years. Mesa had bought the land years before for water rights but later decided to sell it.

Known as the “Heritage Project,” the residential hub is to feature master-planned communities of varying sizes, educational areas, health care centers and even an agricultural community — or “agri-hood” — similar to Gilbert’s Agritopia.

“We’re very excited to come into Coolidge,” McCormick said. “We see it as a great opportunity to not only grow the city physically, but bring in more businesses and attract a lot of new growth to this area.”

The Heritage development will likely feature some retail, including restaurants, and even a lake that would be open to the general public.

“As the market dictates is when this (project) will be brought online, but we’re hoping it will be very soon,” McCormick said.

But Heritage is just one portion of a project that aims to bring an influx of businesses to Coolidge.

Another portion is Inland Port Arizona — which has been tentatively renamed Central Arizona Commerce Park East.

Located three miles north of Interstate 10, the park would bring in major manufacturers as well as a number of distribution centers.

The 2,700-acre park could also become a "megasite" — which would make it one of the few sites with that classification in the country.

The hope, McCormick said, is that the site will develop somewhat similarly to an industrial park that was developed in Tennessee, which became a key contender for a Toyota-Mazda manufacturing plant.

Currently, Saint Holdings is still in the process of working with the city government to get all of the portions of that property annexed into the city limits.

Lots at the site will range from 70 acres to combined lots of 2,000. The project would also feature a wastewater treatment plant. However, development on that plant will not begin until the first major business makes landfall at the industrial park.

Among the factors that will be key in the development of the area, McCormick noted, will be the development of regional transportation such as the North-South Freeway — one of several roadways throughout Pinal County to be paid for via the Regional Transportation Authority road tax.

“We are continuing to work hard to attract businesses here,” he said. “We’ve got some in the works but unfortunately we can’t talk about them.”