COOLIDGE — The man accused of armed robbery of a bank in Coolidge reportedly told bank staff that he was “sorry” just moments before he exited the building with a little more than $3,000.

Roy Rushing, 49, was arrested last week by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for the armed robbery of the Great Western Bank in July.

The other suspect in the robbery, Rydell Mayfield, 41, was arrested on July 10. Mayfield is reported to have been the driver of the vehicle used in the robbery.

Rushing allegedly entered the bank on July 5 dressed in all back, pointed a revolver at the only teller on duty that morning and demanded that she give him all money from her teller drawer and the teller drawer next to hers. The cash inside the drawers totaled approximately $3,157.

As another bank employee was preparing to press the alarm button, the robber approached her desk and reportedly said “No police.”

As he was leaving the bank, witnesses reportedly overheard the man say he was “sorry.” Another witness outside the bank told police she saw Rushing get into a blue vehicle later identified as a Saturn Ion.

But the vehicle that the suspects used in the robbery did not belong to Mayfield or Rushing, records from the Coolidge Police Department show.

Instead, the vehicle belonged to another person, who told police he was unaware of what the car would be used for. Records indicate that Rushing allegedly told the third person that he was hoping to get a loan from a bank in Phoenix and asked to borrow the car.

Following the robbery, Rushing and Mayfield reportedly abandoned the vehicle near Kenilworth Sports Complex, 671 E. Coolidge Ave. The pair then returned to town in a white vehicle.

Through their investigation, police said they were able to determine that Mayfield and Rushing had been making plans to rob the bank for several weeks prior to the day it happened, and that Mayfield reportedly had been expressing interest in robbing a bank for months leading up to the incident.

According to police, Rushing and Mayfield were introduced to each other through a mutual contact for the purpose of planning the robbery. Not long after the robbery, Rushing reportedly fled to Phoenix for an unspecified amount of time. He was arrested in Coolidge on Sept. 2.