Nikola is planning to move to Coolidge to manufacture electric trucks such as this.

COOLIDGE — A 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility that will likely bring close to $1 billion in capital investment to Pinal County moved one step closer to fruition on Friday.

Nikola Motor Company announced the official acquisition of 400 acres near Houser and Vail roads in Coolidge. The property is part of Inland Port Arizona, a more than 2,500-acre mega-site located at the southern tip of Coolidge that features the utilities and zoning in place to accommodate the manufacturing and distribution needs of incoming businesses.

IPAZ is spearheaded by Saint Holdings LLC. Led by CEO Jackob Andersen, Saint Holdings began purchasing the land where the industrial park currently stands nearly six years ago with the intention of attracting development to the region.

Saint Holdings is also known for leading the effort for a similar commerce park located in Casa Grande — the site where Lucid Motors plans to develop its manufacturing facility on the west side.

With Nikola securing the 400-acre property to become the home for a manufacturing plant for its hydrogen-electric semi-trucks, the company joins one of several organizations eyeing Pinal County as a future hub for the automotive industry.

”We’re super excited about having both Lucid and Nikola in Pinal County,” Andersen told PinalCentral. “With the extreme helpfulness that we’ve experienced from the Governor’s Office, the Arizona Commerce Authority, the county and the two cities — Casa Grande and Coolidge — we really think that Arizona can be a hub in the Southwest for advanced manufacturing and certainly the electric vehicle auto industry.”

Nikola designs and develops hydrogen-electric vehicles as well as electric vehicle drive trains and hydrogen stations among other projects. The company is led by CEO Trevor Milton.

“When we set out to build a factory, part of my vision was to help an entire community,” Milton said in a statement. “By completing the deal with Saint Holdings, we can now begin to realize that dream. Imagine what it will do for property values, schools, parks and other city improvements. Bringing 2,000 jobs and thousands more from other suppliers will be a huge benefit to Coolidge and the surrounding areas for decades to come.”

Last year Nikola opted to build its manufacturing site in Coolidge over Buckeye to expedite its production schedule shortly after Anheuser-Busch ordered hundreds of the zero-emission trucks.

The company is working on completing its research and development facility located in Phoenix and will host Nikola World — an event that will feature and introduce its products — in Scottsdale April 16-17.