Avanti on Main

The Coolidge Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a new apartment complex at 725 N. Main St.

COOLIDGE — A new apartment complex is set to be built in Coolidge following approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Aug. 7.

The proposal was submitted to the city by Avanti Apartment Holdings LLC. Known as “Avanti on Main,” the 36,000-square-foot site would consist of four duplex units and a single unit.

The property, located at 725 N. Main St., is bordered to the east by the railroad tracks.

In addition, the project includes landscaping features and 22 parking spaces, with one disabled-compliant space.

Units available for rent will be comprised of a mix of two and three bedrooms.

The complex will be located adjacent to Coolidge Station Apartments, 623 N. Main St.

According to Tim Hansen, the city’s GIS coordinator, the area — comprised of two parcels that will be merged into one through the Pinal County Assessor’s Office — is part of the original townsite of Coolidge incorporated in 1945.

“They (Avanti) put together a nice submittal,” Hansen said.

“We did not have any comments from zoning, fire or public works on this site — and that’s a rarity.”

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