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COOLIDGE — The City Council received no public comments regarding the use of a fiscal year 2021 federal Community Development Block Grant for $59,700.

Coolidge Grants Coordinator Mary Siels said the CDBG will be used for housing repairs, like an air conditioner for example, for low-income residents.

Councilman Benjamin Navarro was surprised that not one person attended the first public hearing on Sept. 7, though it was pointed out that there is a waiting list of 40 people for the use of these funds.

Siels said this CDBG can be used for infrastructure, streets, parks, demolition and community development.

The council had already chosen housing rehabilitation as the best way to use these funds.

Navarro said that for a gem like the CDBG one would think people would show up at the public hearing to find out where the money is going.

Mayor Jon Thompson said $60,000 is really just half of rehabilitating one house, though Siels told him the funds would be used mostly for emergency repairs.

Siels, after the council meeting, said the idea is to do several housing rehabilitation projects with the $60,000.

Thompson said the hope is the city once again will receive $350,000 from the state Community Development Block Grant funds in the Home Investment Partnership funding.

Siels said these funds can only be used to rehabilitate or to replace a house.

To be eligible, the application needs to meet the community’s previously identified housing and community development needs and the requirements of the Home Investment Partnership, as well as authorizing all actions necessary to implement and complete the activities outlined in the application.

“You have to show there is a need in the community,” she said.

Siels said the CDBG is not a sure thing, but pointed out the city received these funds last year.

The city’s application for the state CDBG must be submitted by December, Siels said, and she would prefer to go through Central Arizona Governments to facilitate getting the grant.