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COOLIDGE — The Coolidge City Council is considering the potential sale of two parcels of city-owned land in the downtown area to promote job creation.

City staff has requested that the council consider the sale of two 25-by-140-foot city-owned lots located near the southeast corner of Main Street and Coolidge Avenue. The properties are zoned for heavy industrial use.

“The city has property that it acquires from time to time through a variety of different methods,” Development Services Director Gilbert Lopez told the council Monday. “If we’re not going to utilize it for a public purpose like a park or something else, it’s appropriate that we sell the property through a public process.”

In the case of the two parcels located on Coolidge Avenue, the city was approached by a potential buyer who expressed interest in using the land to expand an incoming business.

The interested party, which currently operates a business that creates tile medallions in Mesa, Lopez noted, recently purchased the site where Hendrix Recycling Center was formerly located.

The owner, Lopez told the council, is seeking to move his business to Coolidge and hopes to expand the site.

He noted that the business owner is seeking to purchase the two lots and the property beside the lots, formerly a grocery store, to expand the building.

The project would likely create around 12 local jobs.

With the council’s approval, the city would begin advertising for requests for proposals, which would give interested buyers an opportunity to bid on the properties and provide a general overview of what they propose to do with them.

There will be some contingencies that those submitting an RFP for the property will have to follow, Lopez said. Those contingencies include that the interested buyer must have a purpose for the land that goes beyond flipping or holding it for resale.

“We’d certainly like to tie it to the creation of jobs,” Lopez said.

Once the city receives RFPs, City Attorney Denis Fitzgibbons noted, the council will have the right to approve the best offer on the land, which not only includes the overall proposed purchase price but also what the council deems a good fit in terms of the proposed usage for the property.

City staff will also be examining the selling price of other properties that have recently sold in the downtown area to ensure the lot is purchased at a fair offer.


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