Bright International Chemical Decomp

A chemical disposition develops Saturday night at Bright International just over two weeks after a chemical fire broke out at its facility. Smoke could be seen gathering over the building by area residents on Saturday.

COOLIDGE — Just over two weeks after a chemical fire broke out at Bright International, the manufacturing plant experienced a chemical decomposition that produced some visible smoke over the facility Saturday night.

According to a detailed call for service report released by the Coolidge Police Department, the incident started at around 7:20 p.m. when dispatchers were made aware that a smoke alarm had gone off at Bright International, 1301 W. Industrial Drive.

Approximately seven minutes later, dispatchers were advised by a Bright employee that it was a false alarm.

Then at 7:40 p.m., a police officer in the area advised he could see smoke coming from the building, at which point the Coolidge Fire Department responded to the scene. Firefighters reported seeing smoke emerging from the building.

Kenworthy Road was blocked off by police as first responders arrived on scene to assess the situation.

In an email, the Coolidge Fire Department said that the incident was not a fire but rather a chemical decomposition.

Although firefighters responded to Bright, the situation was handled by the company’s response team while members of CFD stood by as a precaution.

Just before 10 p.m. CFD announced on its Facebook page that the situation had been brought under control and that the incident posed “no threat to the community.”

PinalCentral reached out to Bright International for a comment regarding the incident.

“There was a minor incident on Saturday, October 19, involving a single item at the Coolidge warehouse that was immediately identified, removed from the building and resolved following our safety protocols,” the company said in a statement. “This was extremely limited in scope and at no time did it ever pose a threat to our personnel, area residents or production facilities. This incident was quickly and safely resolved internally by onsite personnel. As a matter of best practice and policy we contacted the Coolidge Fire Department.”

Bright International, which manufactures cosmetic products, also confirmed that it is still continuing to investigate the cause of the chemical fire that broke out within the Coolidge plant’s warehouse on Oct. 4.