COOLIDGE — The YouTuber known as Avocado has posted a new video featuring a recent visit to the Casa Grande Ruins.

“Here I am in front of the Casa Grande Ruins,” the friendly, furry green monster puppet tells his audience. “This is going to be so cool. They’re prehistoric and built in the 1300s A.D. so let’s get close and check it out.”

Avocado can then be seen touring the grounds. A narrator reads some of the historical information found at the site, giving viewers an overview of what the ruins were and what they meant to the Sonoran people.

“This is the first prehistoric site protected by the U.S. government back in 1892,” Avocado tells viewers.

He also takes viewers on a tour of the gift shop.

Avocado is a green monster puppet who regularly visits tourist destinations and other spots throughout Arizona, making videos highlighting specific areas. The puppet also sometimes lip-syncs to music or demonstrates such things as pumpkin carvings.

The puppet has about 20,000 subscribers on YouTube and has visited such places as Pioneer Living History Museum, Meteor Crater, a carnival funnel cake stand and other locales.

His audience is comprised of children and adults.

“He has quite a lot of fans,” a spokesman for the I’m Avocado website said. “He gets a lot of messages form both kids and adults. His goal is to grow and become a household name.”

While Avocado travels throughout the state, visiting interesting sites, the 4-minute Casa Grande Ruins video is part of a multivisit series featuring Casa Grande and Pinal County.

Avocado also recently visited the Casa Grande Neon Sign Park.

Upcoming videos include a visit to the Casa Grande Domes as well as the dwarf car museum in Maricopa.

“Avocado was blown away by how crazy the domes looked,” the spokesman said. “He was impressed by the graffiti and the look of the structures.”

Avocado also hopes to visit Biosphere 2 in Oracle soon.

“He likes going out and having fun,” the spokesman said.

The video may be found on the I’m Avocado You Tube page.


Melissa St. Aude is the Arts & Entertainment editor at PinalCentral. She can be reached at