COOLIDGE — Cosmetology students at the Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology were judged last Wednesday on their hairstyling and design skills at the Greek Goddess Hair Show that is put on four times a year at Central Arizona College.

The Greek Goddess Hair Show resembled a fashion show, where students decked out in fashionable dresses and their new hairstyles done by the cosmetology students. About 30 students were called to the front of the stage to show their new designs and dresses.

While a cosmetologist and salon owner judged the creations, students were able to vote on what they liked most at the end of the show.

Cosmetology students were not introduced except for those who placed from first to fourth, but their creations were on display for the students and the judge to view.

Zoe Potter received the technical first-place award for the student who followed all of the proper rules as well as how interesting the design was on the students who walked before the judge and students.

The overall award for design, including hair and clothes, was awarded to Karina Avalos-Hidalgo, who also received third place from the students who voted.

The CAVIT cosmetology program has 144 students, and teacher Amanda Diesing said it has grown over the last seven years from fewer than two teachers to three full-time teachers. Fellow teacher Jessica Brooks was in attendance to greet and congratulate the students.

She said each student was supposed to compete, and some of them were in teams.

Diesing said most of the students who competed were in their second and third year in the program, though the majority of the students in the program are new or beginners.

Kansas Olson, career and technical education coordinator, said three-fourths of the 144 students in the program are first-year students.

Diesing pointed out students wanting to be part of the program would need to enroll online, and the classes in the program are capped at 20 students for each teacher.


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