The Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology’s main campus is in Coolidge.

COOLIDGE — As Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology moves forward with its goal to nearly double the class offerings for next school year, the school announced a series of new hires and staff positions at its latest board meeting.

CAVIT was recently awarded a grant that allows it to hire a guidance counselor for the next two years.

Superintendent Mike Glover said that the counselor position, which he will be looking to fill soon, will provide wellness, college and career counseling for students.

Glover also said that the role would allow the CAVIT administration team to have more specialized roles.

“We should challenge ourselves now,” Glover said. “Now we are getting extra service, so could we maximize other needs and move things around?”

Glover said he envisioned the assistant principal, Stacey Rich, overseeing CAVIT affiliation agreements, and the specialist position, Will Snyder, would be in charge of student recruiting and advertising. The school is looking to hire a coordinator for outreach to alumni and local communities.

During the meeting, the CAVIT board approved Robert Nemec as a full-time drone and technology teacher for next year.

The Governing Board also approved a budget as well as the five-year strategic plan, which will guide the school for accreditation purposes. Glover said that the strategic plan, as well as a pay performance plan, would offer a “menu” of work-based learning opportunities to students and allow them experience outside of just the CAVIT classroom.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, CAVIT also held virtual completion ceremonies for both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 second-year students in seven programs, including cosmetology, dental and nursing. Overall, 249 students were recognized.

“This year has brought on unprecedented challenges for all of us and we are proud that our students have succeeded at the highest level,” Glover said. “We thank the students for your dedication, commitment and initiative in working diligently toward your chosen career path.”

Students will have certificates handed to them at the end of the year, May 25-27.


Aaron Dorman is a reporter covering Coolidge and the surrounding area. He can be reached at