CASA GRANDE -- The holiday season is upon us. People are decorating their homes and planning for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

And of course, for many of us, eating is a big part of any holiday celebration.

Simple or Not Kitchen will have plenty of holiday recipes in the coming weeks, including some from local residents.

But today’s recipe and video for stuffing pancakes were inspired by videos seen online. Stuffing pancakes fit the Simple or Not Kitchen philosophy. They are easy to make, yummy to eat and use common, easily found ingredients.

And best of all, they are versatile and customizable. Any ingredients can be added to the mixture so they are a great way to use leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes and veggies or other holiday foods. Cranberry sauce and other holiday favorites would be great mixed into the pancake mixture or served alongside.

While we are making pancakes with our stuffing mixture, some use it in a waffle iron, creating crispy little stuffing waffles.

They’re also great for a quick weekday dinner.

The recipe for stuffing pancakes in this video follows some similar recipes we saw online and uses a regular store-bought package of stuffing. This makes it easy, convenient and quick to make.

But it can also be made with homemade croutons. My sister Noreen, who lives in the California Bay Area, makes a lot of hearty soups and with each soup she makes pan-fried croutons that are crispy and slightly salty. They can also double as a stuffing base and would be awesome as a stuffing for stuffing pancakes.

Whether using homemade stuffing or a packaged variety, these simple stuffing pancakes are a nice way to settle into the holiday season.

And while they are traditionally served with gravy, when someone says “pancakes,” I, of course, think of maple syrup. Topping these little pancakes with maple syrup gives them a nice sweet-meets-savory element that makes them irresistible.

Stuffing pancakes

2 cups stuffing mix

2 cups cooked chicken or turkey, cut into fairly small pieces

1 egg

½ cup chicken broth

seasoning to taste (I used a basic poultry seasoning blend)

2 tablespoons oil or butter for frying

Combine stuffing, chicken, egg and seasoning in a bowl. Stir until all ingredients are well incorporated. Pour chicken broth over mixture and allow to sit for five minutes. Stir.

Using hands, form handfuls of the mixture into pancakes about the size of the palm of the hands.

Fry each pancake a few minutes on each side until golden brown and slightly crispy on each side.

Serve with gravy and maple syrup.

Noreen’s pan-fried croutons

3 tablespoons good quality extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon kosher salt

6 thick slices sourdough or French bread cut into large cubes

Heat oil and salt together in a pan until warm. Working in small batches, toast bread in salted oil for a few minutes on each side. Bread should be crusty and golden brown on each side. Add more oil and salt if needed.


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