SAN TAN VALLEY — Peach season is underway at Schnepf Farms.

Schnepf Farms has been growing peaches for more than 50 years. The orchard has several different varieties and each variety ripens at different times throughout May.

Among the types of peaches grown at Schnepf Farms are:

  • Snow angle, small to medium-sized white peaches that do not have any acid and are full of sugars.
  • Florida prince, a medium-sized peach.
  • Earligrand, the largest peach grown on the farm.
  • Springcrest, a flavorful, medium-size peach.
  • Florida king, a small, juicy and sweet peach.
  • Princess peach, a very sweet peach
  • Schnepf peach, a medium-size peach.

Some varieties are open to those who wish to pick their own peaches.

To visit the self-serve orchards, a reservation is required. The farm’s self-serve garden is also open and has tomatoes, carrots, peppers, herbs, zucchini, sweet onions, peas and other vegetables.

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