TUCSON — Tucson’s Invisible Theatre has announced six plays and two special events for its upcoming 2019-20 season.

The season marks the 49th anniversary of the theater.

“The year was 1971 ... the war in Vietnam was raging, Nixon was president of the United States, the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified granting the right to vote to 18-year-olds, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts — the most heavily endowed arts institution in the United States — opened in Washington, D.C., while in Tucson, Arizona, a group of poor, idealistic young artists got together to create an arena for new playwrights and produce a different kind of theatre for an adventuresome audience,” Susan Claassen, managing artistic director for Invisible Theatre, said in a press release. “Now, well over four decades later our commitment and passion to creating quality theatre experiences for all facets of the community is even stronger.”

The name Invisible Theatre was chosen “because of that invisible energy that flows between performers and an audience that makes the magic of theatre — a magic that’s based on pure imagination,” she said.

Shows for the upcoming season are:

  • “Now and Then” by Sean Grennan, Sept. 3-15
  • “Last Train to Nibroc” by Arlene Hutton, Oct. 22 to Nov. 3
  • “Texas in Paris,” at the Berger Performing Arts Center, Jan. 18 and 19.
  • “Becoming Dr. Ruth” by Mark St. Germain, Feb. 11-23
  • “From Brooklyn to Broadway,” March 14 and 15 at the Berger Performing Arts Center
  • “Filming O’Keeffe” by Eric Lane, April 21 to May 3
  • “Made for Each Other” by Monica Bauer, Nov. 15 and 16
  • “Down to Eartha,” directed by Marishka S. Phillips, Nov. 22 and 23

Season tickets are available for $175. For more information about the Invisible Theatre’s 2019-20 season call 520-882-9721 or visit the website at www.invisibletheatre.com. The Invisible Theatre is located at 1400 N. First Ave, at Drachman.

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