Fans of turn based combat will likely enjoy the latest game in the genre Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. The game has a Post-Apocalypse setting where players take control of two mutants, a Duck and a Boar, as they explore, battle, and salvage in a hostile environment.

There is a base of operations which is fairly safe for players to enjoy as they can not only gain new missions; but they can upgrade their loadout to better survive the tasks ahead.

The early missions were fairly routine as using my allotted number of moves per turn I was able to move, take cover, heal, reload, fire, and even throw a grenade.

The problem comes when the enemy has numbers as an early mission involved taking on 5 enemies of the same or higher skill level.

The enemies were able to flank players and call in help which only increased their superior advantage.

Hiding and waiting for them to pass, hit and run, and direct assaults did no good and added to the frustrations.

Considering players would have to take a turn to reload and enemies did not, plus the sheer numbers made it a frustrating undertaking.

In many ways it is a microcosm of the game itself as there are challenges and then there are challenges which are a bit too much for gamers who are not hardcore and are looking for a simple escape.

Casual players are likely to enjoy the premise and some of the gameplay but will become frustrated with the excessive challenge and combat mechanics required on some of the missions.

The game has decent graphics and sound and the characters are engaging and likeable but in the end the game becomes a tedious series of turn based battles that can grow old and frustrating after a while.

3.5 stars out of 5