Greeting cards

Bob Thornley’s cards are available at Salt & Sound Inc.

CASA GRANDE — Area resident, artist, musician and comedian Bob Thornley has released a new line of greeting cards, including several for Father’s Day.

Thornley, who worked for years as a greeting card illustrator, wrote the text for each of the new cards and illustrated them.

Each card is family friendly and funny. They were printed using a silk screen process.

“These cards are part of an everyday, all-occasion line of greeting cards,” he said.

The cards are similar in style to a coloring book and book of jokes Thornley has also written and illustrated.

Thornley, a former member of the acting troupe Casa Grande Players, has been an entertainer since 1983. He’s written several songs and children’s books, including a holiday-theme book released last year, “Oh Boy, It’s Christmas Time,” which includes a story and sing-along compact disc recording.

In 2018, he released a book of jokes.

His entertainment resume stretches back decades and includes stints as an actor, singer, comedian, cartoonist and illustrator for a greeting card company.

The cards are available at Salt & Sound Inc., 1355 E. Florence Blvd., Suite 119. For more information call 520-426-9974.


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