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CASA GRANDE — Casa Grande area social bridge players held their annual marathon recently with more than a dozen teams participating.

Each team played 13 times and their scores were tallied to determine the winners.

Winning teams were:

  • First place, with a total of 45,980 points, Team 1, consisting of Leo Lapane and Betty Seebeck
  • Second place, Team 9, Cathie Bonnell and John Black, with 42,610 points
  • Third place, Team 10, Margaret Toma and Jeannine Erickson, 42,060 points
  • Fourth place, Team 4, Maralyn and Willard Cooper, 41,770 points
  • Fifth place, Team 8, John Daelick and Joan Wuertz, 40,180 points
  • Sixth place, Team 14, Debbie and Kyle Long, 39,560 points
  • Seventh place, Team 6, Judy Lyon and Judy Gross, 38,430 points

Those who are interested in playing may contact Pamela Runner at 836-8375.

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