School: Florence High School

Grade level: Senior

Sport/position: Volleyball middle blocker

Nickname: Clara

Instagram: @clarabednarek

Favorite food: Ice cream

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite movie: Cat in the Hat

Favorite music group/singer: Ryan McCartan

Favorite class/subject: English/psychology

Favorite athlete: Rhamat Alhassan

Role model: My brother James

What I’d like to win a lifetime supply of: Puzzles

Favorite hobby: Puzzles, volleyball, watching BBC nature documentaries

Biggest sports thrill: Blocking against 6’8 UF Middle blocker, Rachael Kramer

Best advice ever received: “Don’t be an idiot”

Coach’s comments: “Clara is a great athlete and an amazing young woman. She is intelligent and driven in all that she does. Clara has been an integral part of FHS volleyball as she has strengthened the positive culture in our gym, on the court, on the track and in the classroom. She continues to push herself and strive to achieve her best self as an athlete, student and individual.” — Florence coach Jeana Brown