School: Vista Grande High School

Grade level: Senior

Sport/position: Volleyball/Setter

Nickname: Drea

Favorite food: I LOVE ALL FOOD!

Favorite TV show: Jessica Jones, The Flash, The Punisher

Favorite movie: The Avengers

Favorite music group/singer: Travis Scott

Favorite book: So B. It

Favorite class/subject: Mr. Scheeler/Psychology

Favorite athlete: Leilani Mitchell

Role model: My parents

What I’d like to win a lifetime supply of: FOOD

Favorite hobby: Playing sports and cooking

Favorite board game/card game: Cards Against Humanity

Favorite website/app/video game: Call of Duty/ Fortnite

Biggest Sports Thrill: Seeing the score be so close going back and forth

Best Advice Ever Received: No matter what, never give up, and keep pushing through.

Coach’s comments: “Andrea is a model athlete. She works hard both at practice and during games. She doesn’t complain. She always maintains a positive attitude and smile. She encourages her teammates to work together!” — Vista Grande coach Ateliano Tuiteleleapaga