CASA GRANDE — We all know the stories of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne living double lives as Superman and Batman.

Although carrying a day job and trying to save the world does seem to be a full load on its own, they didn’t carry on four different jobs like Sherrie Martin.

Martin is a Realtor, a gym owner, physical comedian and gymnast who made the trek down from Spokane, Washington, to compete at the Hot Spot Gymnastics Amateur Athletic Union meet on Saturday.

The 60-year-old gymnast has been competing in different gymnastic meets across the country this year in places like Texas, Kansas and Nevada.

She first took up gymnastics when she was in middle school back in the 70s, she then picked it up again for about a year in junior college. She then took a 35-year hiatus until a few years ago when she started taking private lessons.

“I’ve been going steady since 2010,” Martin said. “I’ve always loved it and when I was in middle school I was really good at the bars. I just loved swinging around so much, I felt I was always unfinished and I always wanted to go back. People never really did go back to that and do it as an adult.”

Martin added that she had taken a few lessons here and there, but finally decided to make the commitment in 2010 because she wanted to feel the swinging.

“My biggest thing was I would go in the gym and the world goes away,” she said. “I mean seriously, if you’re going to do (parallel bars), you can’t think about anything else, and I love it. I just like it so much.”

Along with missing the swinging, Martin enjoys a good challenge and gymnastics is certainly a challenge with trying to perfect a technique.

“I like working on the details,” Martin said. “They are so hard to learn and then so hard to keep together. Then when you come (to compete), it’s like you can do it so good in practice and then you do something stupid here and it all goes south. I love all that challenge.”

While competing in different meets, Martin has enjoyed motivating those in the audience who go to watch to the younger girls compete.

“It’s been cool,” she said. “I get lots and lots of feedback from people, oddly enough the people my age are the most motivated ones. I don’t think they need to do what I do, but I am very tied into my baby boomer group and it’s very, very rewards when someone out of shape and looks their age, comes up to me and says that I motivated them. That’s huge to me.”

Originally Martin’s plan was to go workout around the country to meet new people, but by competing it’s turned out similar to how she hoped.

“I think that everybody should keep moving,” she said. “I just think that I can give a message to be motivated or to just to have hope that they can still move. I can’t figure out how to convince some one to move who hasn’t moved in such a long time that they can still work into it.”


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