Donated quilt

Casa Grande Quiltz for Kidz donated this quilt to Palo Verde Elementary.

CASA GRANDE — The Casa Grande Quiltz for Kidz quilting club has donated a handmade quilt to Palo Verde Elementary School.

“We thought this would be a lovely piece of art for people to see hanging on the wall of the school,” a letter from donation organizers said. “During the trying times of the pandemic, we all felt isolated and removed from our family and friends. This is an example of teamwork, collaboration and turning a negative into a positive.”

The donation follows a contribution earlier this year by the quilting group of more than 219 handmade face masks for the students. The masks were made by members of the quilting group.

“The students at Palo Verde were very excited when they were given their masks upon their return to in-person learning,” the letter said. “They wore them proudly and felt part of a team.”

The donations of the masks and the quilt were arranged by Casa Grande residents Tori Boremi and Sue Wortman, who frequently walk together around the lake in the Villago subdivision.

On one walk last spring, they met a few members of the Casa Grande Quiltz for Kidz club, whose main objective is to make handmade quilts to donate to foster children when they are being adopted.

“During the pandemic in 2020, we walked around Villago Lake as a stress reliever and time to meet with friends to walk and talk. We were fortunate enough to encounter Karen Morris and Janet Gardner,” the letter from Wortman and Boremi said. “After a conversation with them, we learned that these ladies were gifted quilters. We suggested perhaps they may be able to make some masks for the students at Palo Verde.”

The donated masks were made by Quiltz for Kidz using kid-friendly material. Morris and Gardner delivered the masks to the school in February.

“Each staff member and every student received a mask. How giving and generous,” the letter said. “We asked Janet and Karen if they would consider asking their group to make a Palo Verde Jaguar quilt for the school. What a joyous gift from this gracious organization. They have proved there are still people who give and do not need anything given back in return. Casa Grande’s Quiltz for Kidz is a very humble, genuine, caring and compassionate group of ladies.”

Those attending or visiting the school will be able to enjoy the beauty of the quilt, the letter said.

“We personally would like to thank Casa Grande’s Quiltz for Kidz. We appreciate their time and effort for giving to the community and being so generous and gracious. We are glad we decided to walk around Villago Lake during the pandemic. It goes to show good things can happen,” the letter said.


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