Casa Grande domes

A portion of one of the dome-shaped buildings located off Thornton Road near Casa Grande has recently collapsed. The private property has frequently attracted onlookers since the domes were built in the 1980s.

CASA GRANDE — One of the abandoned dome structures south of town has collapsed.

Located off Thornton Road near Interstate 8, the property consists of a number of empty, dome-shaped buildings, and a portion of one recently collapsed into rubble.

Dan Peer, who manages the property, said the collapse happened sometime around Dec. 18. He was out of town until recently and is now in the process of filing an incident report with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

The dome affected is located at the back of the property. A portion of the dome’s roof is still intact, while the rest sits in a pile of debris.

Peer suspects vandals are responsible for the damage. He was told by an eyewitness that a group of people were spotted chipping away at one of the buildings before it collapsed.

Peer said he didn’t receive any reports of injury as a result of the collapse.

The other dome buildings appear to be in good shape, Peer added, and are still standing. He said the incident so far hasn’t made him reconsider how the private property is managed.

Trespassers have often been reported at the property, especially since the domes experienced some renewed interest after “Ghost Adventures” filmed an episode there earlier this year.

The television show explored some of the haunted tales that surround the property’s past. The domes were built in 1982 as a manufacturing facility to produce circuit boards. The project never fully materialized and the domes have sat unused since. Filmmakers and photographers have been visiting the property in recent years to use the domes as set pieces for artistic projects.

A medical marijuana festival was scheduled to take place at the vacant domes in October, but the Pinal County Board of Supervisors declined to grant a permit for the event due to safety concerns.


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