CASA GRANDE — Danny Vega actually doesn’t mind his hometown of Casa Grande.

One might have a hard time believing that after watching a video the 29-year-old New Yorker made of the city earlier this week.

In the two-minute video, Vega is seen visiting various landmarks and delivering his brand of ironic commentary. He points at housing developments that were never finished, restaurants that closed and highlights how Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is not located in Casa Grande.

From the empty PhoenixMart building to the abandoned domes, no place in Casa Grande is safe from Vega’s comedy.

“Casa Grande built these domes to look like baby bumps to celebrate its high rate of teen pregnancy,” Vega says in the video, referencing the domes located near Thornton Road and Interstate 8.

The empty structures were built in the 1980s for a tech company that went bust. They have since become a popular attraction for locals and tourists.

Vega’s joke about the domes does have some truth to it. Casa Grande became nationally known for having an “explosion” of teen pregnancies in the 1990s, thanks to an article published by The Associated Press.

The video has generated more than 9,500 views and numerous comments — one of which encourages Vega to make a similar video for Coolidge.

Vega, who graduated from Casa Grande Union High School in 2008, admitted his video was one-sided and didn’t highlight any of the city’s more positive attributes. He said he’s not great at “positive comedy” and insisted he still thinks fondly of the city.

“I actually really like it,” Vega told PinalCentral.

In recent years, city officials have produced promotional videos to try and make Casa Grande look appealing. These videos are a montage of shots that present Casa Grande as a vibrant community. Vega’s video almost comes across as a spoof of the city’s.

A spokesman for the city declined to comment on the comedian’s video.

Vega’s video is part of a series of comedy videos he calls “I’m Walking Here,” where he tours various places and points out all their flaws. He’s already poked fun at Penn Station and LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Vega became interested in comedy and theater while growing up in Casa Grande. He went on to perform improvisational comedy in college and now does a stand-up routine on a monthly basis.

And how did his family back home feel about his satire on Casa Grande?

Vega posted on social media that his mother worried locals would think poorly of her because of the video. It’s a joke, Vega reminded her.

“We have a Dillard’s,” Vega claims his mother said in response.