Community Medical Services

The Community Medical Services building is in the Palm Center Plaza in Casa Grande. The recently opened clinic offers addiction-treatment services.

CASA GRANDE — A new medical clinic offering opioid treatment services is serving Pinal County.

But it’s not your typical methadone clinic. The Community Medical Services clinic, located in Palm Center Plaza on Camino Mercado, uses a holistic treatment approach that combines traditional medication therapy with behavioral and group therapy.

Haley Horton, the regional operations director for southern Arizona with CMS, said the clinic will be an outpatient clinic that serves clients on a limited basis. Intake services will not be available in Casa Grande; instead, clients will be sent to Mesa or Tucson for intake services and to be evaluated by a medical doctor.

In Casa Grande, patients who are provided with medicinal therapy will be required to report to the clinic daily, Horton said. Limited amounts of medication might be allowed to be released after a certain time period, typically around three months, depending on the patient’s progress.

Strict measures are in place to ensure medications, which include methadone and Vivitrol, don’t fall into the wrong hands or get sold once patients are able to have more than one daily dose.

“Clients will be called randomly and will be required to bring in all their medications when requested,” Horton explained.

At the company’s other locations in Arizona, the majority of patients who come for treatment are seeking help for legally prescribed opioid medications that have turned into an addiction, Horton said.

“Many of our clients are self-referred. They’ve gotten to the point where their prescriptions have been cut off, or they have to start doctor shopping and they can’t obtain their pills elsewhere,” Horton said.

Opioid addiction is a growing problem for state health and public safety officials. Since June 15, more than 7,000 overdoses are purported to have occurred from opioids.

The Casa Grande Police Department simply issued a statement when asked about the clinic:

“Our mission is to protect, serve and sustain supporting partnerships with the Casa Grande community. In doing so, we expect our relationship with this new clinic will be the same as any other business and/or organization in our community. From a public safety perspective, there is an expectation that business owners, managers and employees of these businesses conduct their daily operations while adhering to Arizona state law and city of Casa Grande ordinances. The same expectation is set for our citizens who choose to utilize the services of this clinic.”

The clinic in Casa Grande will only service adults, Horton said. For more information or to see about treatment options, call 424-7390.