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TUCSON — In an unprecedented push to remove roadside garbage and debris, 42 Arizona Department of Transportation employees from Pinal and Pima counties were recently able to pick up 11,000 pounds of trash and bulk items along Interstate 10.

ADOT personnel from Casa Grande, Coolidge, Nogales, Oracle, Three Points, Tucson and St. David cleaned up a stretch of I-10 from Rita Road to Kino Boulevard, a distance of about 11 miles. This portion of the highway is a hot spot for roadside garbage and debris and the cleanup required approximately half of the available ADOT South Central District maintenance staff.

“We did this because of an overwhelming amount of roadside garbage and debris on ADOT right of way,” said Highway Operations Supervisor Fernando Murrietta. “The problem isn’t just how much litter there is, but how it gets there. People throw trash from their vehicle and it’s ADOT crews who live and work in southern Arizona who pick it up. We are part of the solution because we’re cleaning up other people's messes. Things would be much better if people would be more respectful of the environment.”

Maintenance personnel are available to perform cleanup duties as part of their ongoing work, but their primary responsibility is safety-related work such as guardrail repair, pavement maintenance, right-of-way fence repair to keep livestock off roadways and other similar jobs.

In addition to ADOT employees, trash cleanups are conducted by volunteer groups as well as state prison inmate crews.


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