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CASA GRANDE — A man walked into the emergency room of Banner Casa Grande Medical Center at 7 p.m. Sunday claiming he had a gunshot wound in his leg and then left.

“They were about to deal with him and he leaves.

“We didn’t find him.

“End of story,” said Thomas Anderson, Casa Grande Police spokesman.

“We just know what the hospital said. A male walked up to the ER with what appeared to be a gunshot wound in his right leg and then he left,” Anderson said.

“I’m not sure how serious it was. I mean, he did walk in there. I have no idea if it was a graze or through his leg. I have no idea and neither did they (at the hospital).”

Police put out an all-points bulletin about the incident but no one was located with a bullet wound.

Neither a detailed description of the vehicle nor the man were given to law enforcement, as witnesses said only they believed he was in a gray car.

“The squad that was on duty at the time and the next squad were looking but no one found anyone,” Anderson said.


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