Cracker and cheese board

Grazing boards can offer something for every taste.

CASA GRANDE — For those who wish to turn off the oven while still serving up a platter of yummy treats, a “grazing board” can offer something for everyone.

Like a cheese board, a grazing board includes crackers, cheeses, nuts, fruits and other easy-to-eat items.

Hayden Flour Mills offers the following suggestions for making the perfect grazing board.

Mini cracker grazing board


Hayden Flour Mills Crackers

Aged cheddar

Goat cheese

Cured meats

Fresh fruit (orange slices, pomegranate, persimmon)


Chocolate-covered nuts

Candied pecans

Cucumber slices

Micro greens


Start with the crackers.

Do your grazers a favor and cut up hard cheeses into bite-sized cubes.

Dip goat cheese in edible flowers for an extra wow factor.

Use greens or leaves (fig or citrus) to fill in the empty spaces.

Build your grazing board on a rimmed baking sheet so it’s easy to cover, refrigerate and serve when ready.


Melissa St. Aude is the Arts & Entertainment editor at PinalCentral. She can be reached at