CASA GRANDE — A curfew that aims to prevent looting went into effect Sunday across the state, and by Monday morning, area law enforcement agencies in Pinal County were reporting no problems related to the restrictions.

No curfew-related citations were issued by either the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office or the Casa Grande Police Department, both departments reported Monday.

“Last night our agency only dealt with normal calls for service,” said Lauren Reimer, public information officer for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. “We continue to monitor the situation and have been in communication with our partner agencies within our county. We are also working with the state to ensure we have current information and intelligence to best prepare for all possible scenarios.”

The statewide curfew issued by the governor bans people from being on, using or traveling on public streets and being in public areas from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

But there are enough exceptions in the measure that Casa Grande Police Chief Mark McCrory believes it will not impede lifestyle for most people.

The curfew doesn't force officers to stop motorists or others who are out during restricted hours to ask them where they’re going.

"They won't be stopping people and asking for a hall pass," McCrory said. "This isn't high school.”

He said the department is handling the state-mandated curfew much as it did the COVID-19 restrictions and is responding to each situation "with common sense."

“We’re handling it with education and communication — we strive for education and communication before anything else,” he said. “We’re expecting the same result from the community that we had with COVID-19.”

Officers and staffers at the department have fielded some questions from the public about the curfew and what’s allowed and what’s restricted.

“When people ask, we point out the exceptions,” he said.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in a statement posted on Facebook said it too “will continue to keep lines of communication open.”

“We have reached out to other agencies within our county, and are working with the state to make sure we are prepared for all situations,” the message said.


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