Annexation map

The highlighted land was recently annexed into Casa Grande’s city limits.

CASA GRANDE — The Casa Grande City Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to annex 80 acres that is to be part of the Lucid Motors building site.

The three parcels are located on the northwest corner of Selma Highway and Thornton Road — the southernmost portion of where the electric car company plans to develop 500 acres into an assembly plant.

The annexation brings all 500 acres within the city limits, making the land eligible for city services like road improvements and sewer connections.

The council also authorized a preliminary plan that outlines some of the foreseen infrastructure improvements needed as the Lucid project develops. The extension of a 27-inch sewer line to Thornton Road and developing Selma Highway are some projects highlighted in the plan.

Casa Grande Planning and Development Director Paul Tice told the council that extending public services to the annexed area could be easily accomplished. The cost of increased services is projected to be “nominal,” according to city documents, since services are already provided to an adjacent area.

The price of roadway improvements along Selma Highway and Thornton Road are unknown at this time, according to the city, as construction is dependent on development of the property.

The council earlier agreed to share the costs of a $534,000 study with Pinal County on improvements to Thornton Road. City officials had previously stated the design study was in the works before Lucid announced its plans to build this year.

In order to accomplish the annexation, the city had to obtain petition signatures from the majority of landowners. Tice said owners of the two main parcels have signed, meeting the statutory requirement, while the owner of a 33-foot-wide strip of land reportedly has not signed.

That strip reportedly needed to be annexed so the city can make improvements to Selma Highway.

The 80 acres was rezoned Tuesday night by the council for industrial use. A public hearing was held to change the zoning from Urban Ranch to General Industrial, and Nicholas Wood, an attorney representing Lucid, addressed the council.

He thanked city officials for working on the project and said his client’s assembly plant could be an “economic engine” for Casa Grande.

Mayor Craig McFarland told Wood the city was “on board” to help see the project come to fruition.

Pinal County is negotiating a development agreement with Lucid to buy the 500 acres and sell it to the company within a five-year period. The agreement will be brought before the Pinal County Board of Supervisors for approval at an upcoming meeting.