CASA GRANDE — The Casa Grande Elementary School District board has approved an expenditure of no more than $304,948 in state funds on protecting two schools from further water damage.

Cottonwood Elementary and Evergreen Elementary schools will undergo weatherization improvements to prevent water from causing more damage to walls and roofs.

The project is contingent upon the Arizona School Facilities Board granting funding for the weatherization. The board distributes state funds for school districts to make capital improvements.

The facilities board categorized the CGESD projects as being “critical” and is scheduled to review the Cottonwood Elementary request during its meeting next month.

The district accepted the lowest bid it received from various vendors on the project, records show.

The school board also agreed on Tuesday to spend $75,553 on six new school buses for the district. Settlement money CGESD received this year from Volkswagen covered most of the costs for the new buses. But the district still had a balance to pay.

Volkswagen agreed to pay $4.3 billion in penalties after the car company pleaded guilty to defrauding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on emissions tests. Arizona got about $59 million of the settlement, which will be used to buy new school buses across the state.