CG Recycling employees

Joe Kissinger places recyclables into a city truck in 2017, before the program ended.

CASA GRANDE — Residents still looking to recycle after Casa Grande did away with its program can do so with a little extra effort, for some items at least.

The city stopped its curbside recycling program at the beginning of the month, leaving residents with blue bins and few options to drop off their recyclables.

Phil Burdick, public information officer for the city of Casa Grande, said residents can either keep their bins or bring them to the Public Works North Operations Center at 3181 N. Lear Ave.

With global commodity markets for recyclables disappearing, cities and towns across the country have been trying to figure out what to do with their recycling programs.

Last month the Casa Grande City Council voted to become the second city in the state to discontinue its program.

Burdick said the city will keep watching the markets carefully and will look for an opportunity to try and restart the program when the market comes back again.

“We are just hoping that there is a solution because it’s not just simply the city of Casa Grande, all municipalities are facing it,” he said. “We are hoping something happens, either the market develops or there are new recycling solutions that we can explore to make it cost effective to recycle again.”

In the meantime residents can take some of their recyclables to five different places in the Casa Grande area including the landfill, which will accept scrap metals, appliances, electronic waste and paints, whereas other places will except aluminum, aluminum cans and clear plastics.

“It becomes a more difficult process to recycle as opposed to throwing the mixed recyclables in the blue bin and putting it out on your curb,” Burdick said. “It’s really the market that is going to determine (if the city resumes a curbside recycling program). When it becomes economically feasible to collect recycling again, we will take another look at the program.

“I think everyone at the city would prefer to be recycling, we just have to find a market that makes it cost effective to do that.”


Map of recycling centers

Recycling options

City of Casa Grande landfill

5200 S. Chuichu Road


Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Scrap metals, appliances, electronic-waste, paints

Recycle Cans and Plastics

852 W. Gila Bend Highway


Cans and clear plastics only

Timeless Recycling

401 W. Main Ave.


Aluminum cans, plastic #1 (including food containers), copper, brass, electrical wire, Christmas lights, batteries

Wellington Salvage

1429 N. Grant Ave.


Aluminum cans, aluminum, electronics, metals, pallets

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