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CASA GRANDE — Police may get new digital cameras for their vehicles. The department will ask the Casa Grande City Council to approve nearly $90,000 to purchase 10 in-car camera systems and a computer server to store the footage at Monday night’s meeting.

According to a staff report, the WatchGuard system can record both in front of the vehicle and the backseat of the vehicle. The cameras can record both high and standard resolution video. The video will be saved to a dedicated computer server.

The cameras will replace an older in-car video system that the department used until the cameras could no longer be serviced, according to staff reports. The department currently does not have any in-car or body-worn cameras in use, except one test unit from WatchGuard.

The department did consider purchasing body-worn cameras for officers but found the cost of the cameras, video storage and maintenance was too expensive.

The council will also hear a presentation from the Casa Grande Fire Department during a study session at 5:45 p.m. Monday. It will detail the results of a pilot program that set aside a specific emergency unit to answer non-life-threatening emergency calls, leaving other units available to respond to more critical life-threatening emergency calls.

The department will also present information about possibly replacing or relocating some of the city’s fire stations to meet growth needs.

The council will begin its regular meeting at 7 p.m. and consider approving:

  • A bid from AJP Electric Inc. for the construction of a traffic signal at Peart and McCartney roads.
  • An amendment to the Villago master plan that would give the city an additional 14 acres of park land.
  • A call for election for three council seats and the mayor’s seat for the city’s primary election in August 2020.