CASA GRANDE — City officials are asking for public comments on a new general plan for the city during an event open to the public starting at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Community Recreation Center, 1905 N. Peart Road.

The general plan governs land development and growth within the city. It’s required by state law and must be updated every 10 years, ultimately approved by voters. The last update was in 2010.

The plan gives developers guidelines on where the community wants to allow industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential growth to happen and what types of businesses or residential development the residents want in the future.

For example, the 2020 general plan lists some of the city’s development goals as more compact residential development with a variety of housing options and encouraging infill development projects on empty lots. It also gives specifics as to what kinds of development are allowed in specific categories such as agriculture, rural, neighborhood, community center and large mixed-use.

It also lists goals residents have for the future of the city. The 2020 plan listed goals such as conserving rural landscapes, supporting commercial agriculture, protecting historic areas, environmental concerns such as air and water quality, preserving and increasing recreation and open space areas, increasing the number of jobs in the area and transportation.

Residential and commercial growth in the city has occurred in the last few years with more than 1,500 building permits issued last year, including nearly 550 permits for new homes.

City sales tax reports also show a gradual increase in the total yearly amount of revenue the city has collected over the last few years, with the exception of a dip in revenue in 2016. The revenues have grown from $21,821,428.09 in 2015 to $24,522,387.64 in 2019.